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Halito Brothers & Sisters,

Well my Chahta family we have a new Chief, Gary Batton. I say new because the Chahta people have spoken (as it should be) and Miko Batton was actually voted in. As a people we have won because there was an actual race with an actual opponent and, going on faith, an honest outcome. As a people we have lost as well because the challenger didn’t have access to a million dollar campaign fund politely handed to her by the former chief nor did she have an army of employees going door to door to campaign for her. I heard many family and friends say they just didn’t know a lot about the challenger. I saw her video, her biography and brochure and still knew nothing concerning her business acumen or her qualifications to run a tribal nation as large as the CNO. I felt she was sincere in her desires for leadership with integrity but that’s not enough to win a campaign. Gary Batton was sincere in his goals and objectives as well and he had the money and power to let everyone know.

We have no new council members. However, we had candidates which isn’t always the case so I still see this as progress. I want to look at Bob Pate’s seat in District 11 for a moment and show this as an example for the need to have an active political party with actual candidates. Bob Pate ran against Nellie Meashintubby, William Frye and Henry Byington. Combined the opposing candidates secured approximately 44% to Pate’s 56% with a little over 800 votes to be split amongst them. Had there been a preliminary election for opposing candidates where only voters in District 11 could vote it may have made a difference in District 11. The voters would have shown who of the opponents were strongest then all of the splintered support could have been united behind the most viable candidate. I want to commend Henry Byington for calling on the Chahta people to support our new Miko and our Council. This is how we should conduct ourselves with class and dignity. The other candidates may have made statements of support and I just haven’t seen them so I don’t want to imply that they too have not shown their support for our leadership.

Sadly, there was plenty of intimidation still lingering in the current elections and often times the intimidators take it upon themselves to act like goons. We as a strong people should put an end to the bullying and the oppression by these individuals. There are facebook groups I don’t even visit anymore due to the adolescent antics and the bullying that went on within those groups. We should hold our status as a sovereign nation with more dignity than what I’ve seen from small fractions within the reform movement. Healthy discussion leads to a more responsive and accountable government.

I am in agreement with Mr. Byington it is time to support our ELECTED Miko and Council and prepare for the next round of elections. To those elected officials congratulations I realize what a huge responsibility you have chosen to undertake and my prayers are with you to lead our people with integrity. Congratulations to the people who decided to run for office knowing the task would be monumental and almost impossible. It’s people like you who will always stay in the back of our elected officials minds helping to keep them honest. You are winners and deserve a place of honor.

One last thought, Miko if you had released the voters list, opened up the campaign fund and had announced consequences for intimidation you would have won by an even bigger landslide so I ask that you consider true campaign reform because the Chahta who does that will truly make history with no clouds or whispers. Congratulations my Chief.

Chi Pisa La Chike,

S. Crowder


Good Evening Brothers & Sisters,

Many of you have requested to see the information that will be distributed at this year’s Labor Day Festival. We have been granted a space after explaining that our right to have a space is protected in our current constitution. Our intent is to peacefully distribute information. We don’t want to be arrested or harassed and we plan on occupying our 10 X 10 space and going no further. You my family must come to us. We will be by the amphitheater.
I apologize for getting you this information so late but we have been debating the issue of removing the blood quantum limits for elected officials. I will not ever support such a move but I agree with all of the other proposed amendments so what you see below is true compromise. We must not let this one issue (designed by the federal government to eventually separate us) curtail our efforts at regaining are inherent freedoms. I believe this issue is one for the people and not for a few lone voices.
Below is the brochure in a plain text form. The petition is as we speak (per/say) is receiving last minute polishing and editing before going to the printer. The proposed amendments will be there for all to see at Labor Day. If we gather enough signatures (we need approximately 7000) we will be able to vote for each amendment separately. They are not rolled into one big bill like you would see in Washington. I encourage you to speak with a Cherokee Citizen to find out how they feel they are being represented since the removal of the blood quantum restriction for their elected officials. I know I will.


Did You Know?
A non-Indian Tribal Attorney has represented both the Chief and the Council for nearly 40 years? In 1991 his “salary” was raised to more than $30,000 every month. Just since 1991, that is well over $8 MILLION Dollars. It is believed that this lawyer has been paid over $30 MILLION while the Choctaws have suffered. This non-Indian attorney controlled Hollis Roberts and Greg Pyle and many believe he controls Gary Batton.

Your Tribal Councilor makes as much as $175,000 per year?

The Chief sets his own salary and the salaries of high-ranking employees and you can never see the tribal budgets?

For the last 40 years, all our chiefs, except one, was “chosen” and not elected by the people?

Chief David Gardner, who died in office in 1978, was the last chief elected by the people? He was the last chief to serve who was not first appointed as Assistant Chief.

The Chief appoints the Assistant Chief and can fire him whenever he wants?

We don’t have term limits for our Chief and Council and that most of the current council has served more than 20 years and some more than 30 years?

All 12 members of the Council are men and that’s exactly how they intend to keep it?

The Chief and the Council used this corrupt system and all the power of the tribe to make sure the last three women who ran for Council did not win?

The Tribal Council conducts all its business behind closed doors and Choctaws are not allowed to attend the meetings where legislation, issues and spending are discussed?

Dozens of non-Indians are running the Tribe, drawing enormous salaries and these “bosses” treat tribal employees terribly?

Tribal employees have no employee rights, live in fear for their jobs and know the Chief can fire them at any time without recourse?

Our tribal Constitution was forced on the Choctaw people in 1983 and was created by former Chief Hollis Roberts to give more power to the Chief’s office?

Our previous Constitution, adopted in 1860, had term limits and didn’t have a blood quantum to run for Chief or Council?

About 130,000 or 2/3 of the Choctaws live “at-large” or outside the tribal boundaries?

These at-large Choctaws have no direct representation on the Tribal Council?

78% of Choctaws are less than ¼ blood and they cannot run for office?

The Chief, Assistant Chief and almost every member of the Council does not want to remove the blood quantum and allow any Choctaw to run for office,but they are counting on you to keep them in office to continue this corrupt government?

Of Course You Didn’t Know Because:
Those who do know, can’t tell those who don’t know.

The Chief and Council will not allow Choctaws to freely exercise our Freedom of Speech at Tvshka Homma except in a 10 x 10 square foot stockade. If we step foot outside of this tent and talk to anyone about these issues, we will be arrested and/or ordered to leave our sacred capitol grounds.

The Choctaw Nation does not have a free press and the tribal newspaper, the Biskinik, is simply a propaganda machine for the Chief’s office.

Candidates who run for tribal office cannot buy an ad in the tribal newspaper and the Biskinik will not print any letters to the editor that are critical of the Chief or Council.

The Chief and Council will not give the list of registered voters names and addresses to candidates running for office, so their opponents cannot tell you about their campaign platforms and vision for the tribe.

The Nation has absolutely no campaign fundraising or reporting laws. Companies doing business with the Tribe can give unlimited money to the Chief and Tribal Councilors to keep them in office so the non-Indians can continue cashing huge checks and running our tribe.

There is no Freedom of Information law in the Choctaw Nation. You cannot write the Chief or Council and ask for information and expect a response. They don’t have to and they won’t answer your questions.

What Can You Do?
You can help change all of this by signing the petition to amend our Constitution. Together we will bring great change to the Choctaw Nation, honor our ancestors, elect our own leaders and implement an open and transparent government that serves the Chahtas, not the Nahollos.
Choctaws Rising

Halito Sisters and Brothers,

It angers me today the thought of once again having the FBI go through our government and weed out our own corrupt leadership. Why can’t we, as Chahta people, do this? Is it naïve of me to think that our people are smart enough, diligent enough and have enough integrity to rid ourselves of the greediness and arrogance on our own?

Let’s go into why we can’t. Our foundation of laws, the Choctaw Constitution has been weak for 181 years. A constitution that served are ancestors in 1831 is not going to serve us well now. A constitution whose amendments have been altered to fit the pockets of leadership willing to swell their own bank accounts at the expense of our children and elders is not going to serve us well now. The lack of compassion to our people who need it most disgusts me.

This new Miko, Gary Batton, is unwilling to give up any of his power. He is unwilling to change the constitution and is very laid back and easy going about it. He may be justifying it to himself as he knows what’s best. Is this the same justification used by Roberts and Pyle? Oh I’m sure it is. How else could any of them sleep at night. He must go. PERIOD. This is our opportunity to make change and he stands in the way. He represents a regime filled with sexual abuse, corruption, greediness, fraud and lies. The worst part is he sees no need for change so what does that say about him? It says everything we need to know.

So what should a Chahta Miko look like? He should be Chahta. He should put our people above the corporation. He should know this is a family business not a corporation. He should give a good deal of his power back to the people. He should be for term limits and balancing the constitution. He should give greater opportunities for representation outside of the Chahta boundaries. He should give a portion of his power back to an uncorrupt council. Where is this man???? OR Where is this woman??? To find this person does it mean we have to drop the residency requirement? Because I’m telling you right now I do not, nor will I ever, support dropping the blood quantum requirement for elected officials. In my mind and in my heart I believe all tribal entities should be operated by tribal members.

We need to find our next Miko my people. We need to find her/him and we need to exercise our right to vote because it’s been taken away from us way too long by the current administration. THE FBI DOES NOT NEED TO CLEAN UP THIS MESS! IT IS OUR MESS AND IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE OUR POWER BACK AND CLEAN IT UP WITHIN OUR OWN FAMILY!


Halito Brothers and Sisters,

We all have friends we wouldn’t trade for any price, at least I hope we do.  But what if the price was millions of our Chahta people’s inheritance?  Inheritance in the sense that it is OUR sovereignty that has made many CNO executives wealthy.  Wealth – while so many of our people struggle to pay medical bills, mortgages, car loans (still no tag).  Jason Merida is one such executive and is currently facing charges in a federal court in Muskogee.

How many of you can afford to use grandmothers money to buy yourself or your wife new breasts?  How many of you can afford to go on a big game hunt in New Mexico even after the investigation had found embezzlement a certainty?  Oh the picture to the far left is our Chief.  The man on the far right allegedly stole millions from our people.



“Hunting trip with Jason Merida
Had heard he paid for his trip AFTER the investigation began….don’t know why we haven’t read about him in the papers. Can’t rob a bank & give the money back..& say “I didn’t know it was wrong.”
So here we are again Chahta people, here we are again.  My hopes for this Chief have never been very high but they are waning even as I type. For those of us who breathed a sigh of relief because he took in Chahta children, better hold your breath again.  For those of us who drank the kool-aid because he plays stickball and signed a petition concerning the oil pipeline – you better look again. 
I know I have said this time and time again but until we have a Chief who will change the election process and who will support a balanced constitution we might as well bring in a mafia boss because that’s what we have. 
I can’t speak for you but I care enough for you to say, I’m ready to put my signature on a petition.  Are you?
With sadness and disgust,

Halito Chahta Family,

“I want to become the number one employer in Oklahoma and love for the Choctaw Nation to become world renown in the future, said Gary Batton”,

This is a quote from our new Miko.  I respectfully say, number one employer of whom?  World renown to whom?  Love for the Choctaw Nation by whom?  This can’t be directed to us, the Chahta people?  I don’t know about you, my brothers and sisters but I don’t want the world to “love” the Chahta.  I would rather have freedom to vote, freedom to run for election, freedom to work and prosper without henchmen to tear down signs, to intimidate and pay voters, to pistol whip candidates at our annual gathering. I want a workplace that doesn’t see the Chahta as stupid or threatening to those non-Chahta in power.  I want our Chahta people to be informed of the true goings on within our government, I want those Chahta who have left our land boundaries to have incentives to come home or at least know that their sisters and brothers welcome their input on tribal affairs.  I want candidates to not have to be wealthy to run for office.  I want our tribal paper to present both sides of the story and hold accountable our leaders.  We all know what I want.  I have written about it over and over.  I have also prayed to our Creator God for relief from the tyranny and embarrassment of our Chahta government.

Now, I once again respectfully request you read the following letter from attorney and Chahta tribal member, Kalyn Free requesting the desperately needed changes required to truly give our people the freedom we not only deserve but are entitled to as Chahta people. To find out how to sign this petition please see Ms. Free’s email address listed at the bottom of the last page.  It’s not requested as a favor it’s requested because for the first time in forty plus years you may actually have a say in the future leadership of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  Please pay special attention to the “CC” at the bottom of the letter.

I hope this is the Miko who will change our decades long history of being one of the most oppressed and violently controlled tribes in the United States.  We will see…




May 1, 2014

Principal Chief Gary Batton Assistant Chief Jack Austin, Jr
Speaker Delton Cox & Tribal Council PO Box 1210
Durant, OK 74701

Dear Chief Batton, Assistant Chief Austin, Speaker Cox and Councilors:

This is an historic opportunity for the Choctaw Nation and our people. As we enter this unprecedented time in our nation’s history, my hope is for this new administration to be imbued with the wisdom, integrity and compassion of those who came before us. My prayer is that you, our elected and appointed leaders, will find it in your hearts to embrace the Choctaw people, to engage with us and to welcome participation in our government.

I listened intently to Chief Batton’s inaugural address and his closing words to always “do what is best for the Choctaw people” brought hope to my heart. This chief and council have the ability to right the wrongs of the past and to chart a new and promising course for the future of our great Nation.

During the course of my career, I have been particularly blessed to have traveled extensively throughout Indian Country, having visited almost every reservation in the lower 48. Literally hundreds of times over the years, when people learn that I am a proud citizen of the Choctaw Nation, I have heard remarks of “Oh yes, that’s the tribe that doesn’t have real elections”; “that’s the tribe that is ruled by a dictator”; “that’s the tribe that appoints their chiefs”; “that’s the tribe that won’t let their people participate in elections”; “that’s the tribe that won’t let candidates communicate with the voters.”

Most of Indian Country and engaged people in the state of Oklahoma are fully aware that the past two chiefs, both of whom ascended to office by virtue of appointment, Greg Pyle and Hollis Roberts, adamantly opposed fair elections and the release of contact information for Choctaw voters. In fact, since our removal to Oklahoma, we have only had one chief, C. David Gardner, elected by the people when he took the oath of office as Principal Chief.

Countless Choctaws are cautiously optimistic that Chief Batton and the Tribal Council will reverse this medieval position and release the voter lists so Choctaw citizens can be fully informed, communicate with one another, participate in the electoral process, have a true voice in tribal government and move our Nation forward.

Some tribal councilors and the Choctaw Nation Registration department have told me that the Election Board “does not meet until shortly before an election is called.” In other tribal governments, the requests below would be made to the election board or commission. However, Article IX Section 5 of our Constitution fully empowers the Council to prescribe election procedures and regulations. Given the unique nature and composition of the Election Board, coupled with the Tribal Council’s history on these issues and the timing restraints, I am requesting this information and cooperation from the Chief and Tribal Council.

Article XVI of the Choctaw Constitution sets forth specific procedures for our citizens to propose legislation through the Initiative and Referendum process. Section 1of this Article mandates stringent timelines on the filing of petitions and the timing of special elections, which must be called if the petition is filed more than a year before the next chief s election.

Article XVIII Section 1 of the Constitution mandates that amendments to our Constitution may be proposed by the Tribal Council or by the filing of a petition signed by the requisite 30 percent of the voters who voted in the last chief s election, which was the 1999 election.

In order to propose legislation or amendments to the constitution a citizen must know certain factual information that is not publicly available and which only the Nation maintains records of.

Thus, I am requesting the following information:

1. Total Number of Choctaws aged 18 and over
2. Total Number of registered voters
3. Total Number of Choctaws in each county in Oklahoma
4. Total Number of Choctaws aged 18 and over in each county in Oklahoma
5. Total Number of Choctaws aged 18 and over in each state
6. Total Number of registered voters in each state
7. Total Number of Choctaws aged 18 and over with valid addresses
8. Total Number of Choctaws aged 18 and over with invalid addresses
9. Total Number of registered voters with valid addresses 10. Total Number of registered voters with invalid addresses
11. Total Number of voters who voted in the 1999 chief s election
12. Tabulated results of the 1999 chief s election; specifically, the total votes received by each candidate
13. Total votes received in each precinct by each candidate in the 1999 chief s election
14. Total votes received by each candidate by absentee ballot in the 1999 chief s election

15. If absentee ballots were segregated in the 1999 chief s election, I am requesting the total absentee votes received by each candidate by voters residing within the Choctaw Nation
16. Tabulated results of the 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011tribal council elections 17. The names of all candidates who appeared on the ballot in the elections
referenced in #16 above and the results for each candidate by precinct and the number of absentee ballots cast for each candidate
18. A list of voters who voted by absentee in the 1999 chief s election and/or any of the subsequent tribal council elections, which include 2003, 2007 and 2011
19. A list of voters, including names and addresses, who voted by absentee in the 1999 chief s election and/or any of the subsequent tribal council elections, which include 2003, 2007 and 2011
20. A list of voters who voted in person in the 1999 chief s election and/or any of the subsequent tribal council elections, which include 2003, 2007 and 2011
21. A list of voters, including names and addresses, who voted in person in the 1999 chief s election and/or any of the subsequent tribal council elections, which include 2003, 2007 and 2011
22. A list of registered voters, including names and addresses, eligible to vote in tribal elections; please segregate this list by valid and invalid addresses
23. Total number of households the Biskinik is delivered to; it has been rumored that this number is 80,243
24. A list of all Choctaws who receive the Biskinik
25. A list of all Choctaws with complete mailing address who receive the Biskinik
26. Election Procedures or Ordinance that the Tribal Council contends are effective and will govern a special election and/or the 2015 chief and tribal council elections.

If the Tribal Council maintains that the Election Ordinance, referenced in # 26 above and currently displayed on the Nation’s website, is in effect and controlling, please provide documentary evidence that this Election Ordinance was approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. If there is a different set of election procedures, other than those currently on the Nation’s website, that the Council contends will govern special elections and the 2015 chief and tribal council elections, please provide those.

Article V, Section 1 of the Election Ordinance, which appears on the Nation’s website, purports to fully empower the Election Board with the authority to determine the date of the 2015 election, subject to approval by the chief and tribal council. Assuming only for this limited purpose that the referenced Election Ordinance is valid, please advise as to the month and year the Election Board and/or the Tribal Council intends to hold the next chief and council elections.

While I have faith that a majority of the Tribal Council will ultimately do the right thing and enact a new Election Ordinance that provides for full and open participation by all Choctaws, I recognize that this will take some time. Thus, during

the interim, I am requesting a list of names of all Choctaws who have voted in every election including and since 1999. The Election Ordinance provides at Article VIII, Sections 1and 2 that any candidate who has filed for office, upon request, will be provided a list of the registered voters in each district. The incumbent tribal councilors, some of which have served more than two and three decades, have each had multiple opportunities to acquire and refine said lists. Thus, immediately releasing only the voters’ names to allow the citizenry to participate in the Initiative, Referendum and Petition process is only a small first step in allowing Choctaws to exercise our constitutional rights.

Because the Election Board is not available, I am asking the Chief and/or Council to designate an office or person( s) that I can communicate with and that can assemble the information I have requested. Clearly, there are certain parts of my request that should not be controversial and I am hopeful that I can get responses to these requests quickly. The requests that I believe can be quickly responded to are: ## 1- 14, 16, 17, and 23.

If the requested information is available in an electronic format, please provide it in the same format. For example, lists of citizens and voters are maintained in a digital format and thus are requested in this medium. Other documents, such as election results may be maintained in “hard copies” or pdfs. To the extent possible that these documents can be scanned and sent electronically, I am requesting this be done.

I will gladly pay for any research, scanning, copying or labor costs associated with fulfilling this request. I will be happy to travel to Durant and review records from our previous elections that are publicly available and make my own copies or designate for your staff which documents I wish to copy. If you have any questions about my request or wish to discuss this matter, please call me at 918.916.0716 or email me at .

In closing, Chief Batton I believed you when you said you want to do “what is best for the Choctaw people” and thus pray that you will lead by example and support the Council in their efforts to have a transparent and fair election process. My hope is that each of you will listen to your hearts, your people and pray on these things. If I may ever be of service to each of you or the Choctaw people, please call on me.


cc: DOI Solicitor General Hilary Tompkins
      Assistant Secretary Kevin Washburn
      BIA Area Director Bob Impson

Halito Brothers and Sisters,

As most of you know Chief Greg Pyle is retiring. Love him or not it’s the end of an era, or is it? Since former Chief Roberts created the Assistant Chief position the election of Chief has been a carefully, ardently controlled process and we, the voters, have not had any say. Our votes are controlled by those who would lose the most if their regime was voted out. Remember money and power are aphrodisiacs to even the strongest most moral of men and women.

I see that even some members of the opposition to this one party system have crossed their fingers and bowed their heads hoping that Chief Gary Batton will change the way Chahta leadership does business. He is the first Chief to publicly support the opposition to the pipeline across our tribal jurisdiction. This is significant because he has put his name beside members of the opposition, traditionalists who are calling for change. Is this a sign that Batton is more supportive of Chahta rights? Were his hands tied all this time in making true significant change? Will he be able to call off the goons who intimidate, rip up signs, threaten and ridicule opposition candidates? Will he provide space in the Biskinik for ALL candidate platforms? Will he truly let the people decide? Will he enact a TERO department?

This is what I know he has done:
* He plays stickball (I happen to like this)
* He supported and implemented a Choctaw University for CNO employees
* He supported the opposition to the pipeline
* He implemented audits throughout the CNO (several incidents of embezzlement were found)
* He and his wife have adopted Chahta children
* He is a hard worker and his right hand people have good work ethics – they are Chahta

This is what disturbs me:
* He has promoted known liars and greedy leaders into high positions of power
* Some who were revealed in those audits to be unethical were moved to different positions or their involvement kept quiet
* Due to the audit lower level leadership took the fall to cover the true criminals
* He has continued the same managerial style that gives employees no recourse against an unethical manager or supervisor

So we are back to the question of hope. We are back to the questions of transparency and true democracy. We are back to the questions of truly serving the Chahta people.

It is no secret that I am a religious person. I believe in the power of prayer. I think we should pray for our new leader to have the moral armor to lead us into an era of Chahta rights and a redistribution of power. What is there to be afraid of? By opening our elections, by ending the oppression he could RIGHTFULLY be Chief for many many years. However, if it’s more of the same corruption, secrecy and greed then we have nothing but what we have had for almost four decades.


Halito Chahta Family,

As I drive through Oklahoma Indian Country I can’t help but notice all of the different tribal car tags.  And I can’t help but wonder where are the Choctaw tags?  Why isn’t this money saving right not given to us?  Is it because we are too large a tribe?  Well, that’s a stale argument since the Cherokee and Navajo who were, last I checked, bigger than the CNO, have car tags  The Cherokee even see it as an exercise of sovereign rights.

It’s something so simple that would save the average Choctaw tribal member what a few hundred dollars when purchasing a vehicle?  Why would our tribe not participate?  Well why don’t they provide a per/cap?  Why don’t they hold free elections?  Why when someone dares to ask why they are ostracized? 

I think it’s amazing that a growing number of native people, if a member of more than one tribe, will relinquish membership from the tribe that does not offer them a better way of life and retain membership with the tribe that can offer them a better quality of life.  It would be foolish not to do so.

I think the question we should be asking ourselves is where does the money go?  Where are the billions?  If our tribe is not willing to do something as simple as a car tag then what do we have to celebrate?  With the rising cost of living why can’t we get something like a car tag from the tribe who gave almost 16 million in one year to consultants (of course some of that was for African Safari’s – according to the FBI).

With the recent removal of other tribal leaders this past year I can only look to those tribes and say, “you are lucky to have the balance of power where you are allowed to remove leaders who have violated your constitutions, count yourself lucky”.  Our tribe uses federal grant monies and pretends it comes from enterprises while offering to our people bare bones services. 

Meanwhile, we have wealthy nahullo leadership, a 30 plus year regime, a tribal gathering that’s more a carnival, elders who have to raise their own travel money, elders who live in total poverty and… an Oklahoma tag.



Halito Brothers & Sisters,

I have been hearing quite a bit from you and I appreciate it.  That means this blog still is getting the word out about the total abuse of power being practiced by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma leadership.  The same leadership who have had multiple visits from the FBI in the last few months.  One reader has even said there may be as many as 50 people yet to be indicted.  Now, what do you think the CNO will do about this?  Well for one putting one of the most cocky unethical ED’s in charge of other ED’s is typical thinking on the CNO’s part.  Is this new ultra ED Chahta?  Nope, of course not. I suppose she will be delegated the task of keeping other Executive Directors out of federal prison?  So here are just a few things I would suggest Ms. Ultra do, make sure the ED’s don’t stalk and try to rape subordinates, make sure they don’t take kick backs from vendors, make sure they don’t supervise their wives and girlfriends, oh and make sure they don’t hire relatives who then never have to show up for work.  Just a few friendly suggestions.

Change is slowly coming I have heard others say.  So I wanted to give you three signs of true change and until these three things happen there is no change.  1.  Any and all candidates get equal time in our tribal paper 2.  When a sitting Chief leaves the Assistant Chief takes the office only temporarily until elections can be held 3.  A Tribal Employee Rights Organization.

My family until you see these three things we are still being stripped of our right to have a voice in our government.  We are stripped of our rights as surely as we read these words. 



Good Afternoon Brothers & Sisters,

It’s not a story you will see featured prominently anywhere but here is a link I think you will find interesting.

The link concerns steel and bribery and a few things you will see should look familiar to you already because we have discussed them here on this very blog. In case the link doesn’t work I will just tell you six people have been indicted in relation to the construction of the Choctaw Nation Casino including a CNO project manager. The same project manager had little experience but a four year degree and no he wasn’t nor has he ever been an actual Chahta person or even a Native. Beneath him however, was a qualified Chahta with lots of experience, integrity and no degree. Now, I don’t know about you but I would take experience and honesty over a degree any day of the week. A degree is good. Knowing how to get the job done should be just as valuable.

Man, it’s just unbelievable. African safari’s, trips to New York City, designer wares, a Cadillac Escalade, lake homes and mortgage payments. Chahta people, especially you that bust it working for the casino’s being treated like less than – wouldn’t it have been nice if someone had bought you an Escalade and a Lake House or at least remodeled your kitchen with granite counter tops? None of the people that have been indicted are Chahta but to look at the demographics of managers, directors and Executive Directors you would think the Nahollo have some sort of in when it comes to managing the CNO, hmmm wonder what that is? The Construction Executive Director has yet to be charged but I believe he has some explaining to do.

My Chahta family, the CNO is playing the victim. They found the discrepencies in an audit and turned the evidence over to the FBI, because tons and tons of steel is hard to hide without a bunch of people knowing it. But I want you to think about this, when ordering office furniture we were REQUIRED to order from the office furniture company SCOTT RICE. Let me say that again we, in the government offices (as opposed to the Casino offices) were REQUIRED to order office furniture from the SCOTT RICE company. That directive came straight from the top. So I ask you are these six nahollo people the only ones who need a good indictment? Oh and by the way, spending hundreds of dollars on an office chair that you could get at Office Depot for around $65 dollars should give you an idea of how kickbacks work.

How many scholarships would these stolen funds have provided? How many new BRICK INDIAN HOMES would all that wasted stolen money build? How many elderly Chahta per/cap’s could that provide? I can only shake my head – take in the thieves and clothe them, take in the liars and give them gold, tell the Chahta he is stupid and doesn’t know better, that’s what who we have as our champions.

The Chahta people deserve leadership who isn’t in on the pillaging of our people.


Good Day am Intek & Nakfish,

Were you upset by District 9 going to Ted Dosh? I know those of you out there who regularly read the blog believe I was upset. I can’t say that I wasn’t but I expected it. It was no surprise. As I watched from afar the corruption, the untold thousands of dollars being spent on Ted’s behalf, the job for votes, the intimidation, the forced labor, access to the voters list and countless other fraudulant activities I would have been hugely surprised if Birdie Williams had won. How can a normal person with normal means overcome such intimidation and relentless fraud?

My people take heart in this, according to a leading Indian newspaper Birdie Williams came within 200 some odd votes of beating Ted Dosh. What turned the tide were the coerced votes of the Choctaw CNO employees. That’s right, Birdie Williams won the absentee vote. Truth be told she probably won the election but we will never know for sure because you and I both know the CNO and the powers that be would have never conceded defeat. So the arm twisted Choctaw members in Durant won the election. I can’t complain because feeding your family comes before voting out a corrupted official.

Ted Dosh how do you feel about “winning” this election? Do you sleep well at night knowing you didn’t win but stole the Chahta people’s right to a fair unbiased and honest election? Or does the money keep you so warm you sleep like a baby and damn the very people you have been ah hum “elected” to serve? What about the Chahta tribal member in the nursing home? You remember him? He wanted to vote but was told they would only bring him a ballot if he voted for you? When you go to the pearly gates and a replay of your life is shown are you going to be proud of what you’ve done? To your own people Ted – you sold out to power, corruption and absolute dictatorship. You know what you BARELY “won”, the people are waking up and that warms my heart and makes me even more hopeful.

Where by the way, is the unbiased totally independent election board? Aren’t you supposed to take care of this corruption? Throw this election out? Or as I suspected all along you are just puppets being controlled by the Chief? After all he appointed you. It’s laughable this system you have Pyle. How in the world you have gotten away with decades of corruption and greed I will never know or understand. You take our sovereignty and you put it all at risk for your own benefit. As I have said numerous times you should be ashamed but I don’t think a man who blames his Hepatitus B on his wife has any shame.

Below is a scathing comment from #1 Choctaw, my old friend who has named me as the person responsible for the civil war within the Chahta tribe. Nahollo (#1 Choctaw) you give me way too much credit. My one little vote is nothing. My one little blog just tells it like it is and for that you want to shame me? How dare I expose even a small part of the corruption and the Chahta hatred spewed out by the CNO machine? I should be a good Choctaw and just wait patiently for change and expose nothing of the abuse, degradation and stripping away of rights that is being done to our people. I will make you this promise #1 Nahollo this fight isn’t over. If we can’t get our rights back from our own Choctaw Traitor Leaders then we will need to find an alternative – you just can’t have what is by birth ours. We are not going to give you what our families so long ago died for. The days of raping and abusing our Chahta women are over. The days of forcing handouts over hand ups are fast coming to a close. Even if that means going to the feds to do it.

“Your agenda of deceit and revenge is hurting the very people you claim to love and protect. Your misinformation will only divide the nation you you claim that you want to unite! How dare you lie to the good people that actually trust your bogus information you post here!

It’s amazing how much information you seem to have, but there’s never any true evidence for what you claim to hear or see. I have looked back at many of your blog entries and what you write is littered false accusations and claims. On several entries I have actually posted rebuttals with the facts listed and cited so your readers could confirm the real truth, and you have deleted them! I doubt you will have the guts to let this one stay either.” #1Choctaw

I would like to clarify something for my readers. #1 Nahollo has not been sending facts with cited sources she/he was hoping I would publish this rant in its entirety (which I have) so as to lie about sending me the “truth”. He/she knew I would publish this because I have always published what she/he has said. #1 Nahollo is a mouthpiece for this administration who spends millions of dollars marketing their good deeds and integrity while hiding their dirty shameful secrets. That’s what makes me the perfect target, I know differently and after these last rounds of elections so many people contacted me to say, I never really thought what you were saying was true until I saw what happened during this election.

To our absentee voters – I want to apologize. I didn’t give you enough credit to see what was happening here. You don’t know what your votes have done. You have given us, the ones who dare to fight the battle, hope that what we are doing is not in vain. I will never underestimate your love for the people and for your own heritage again. Thank you for such a valuable gift as hope for change.