Halito Brothers & Sisters,

I have been hearing quite a bit from you and I appreciate it.  That means this blog still is getting the word out about the total abuse of power being practiced by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma leadership.  The same leadership who have had multiple visits from the FBI in the last few months.  One reader has even said there may be as many as 50 people yet to be indicted.  Now, what do you think the CNO will do about this?  Well for one putting one of the most cocky unethical ED’s in charge of other ED’s is typical thinking on the CNO’s part.  Is this new ultra ED Chahta?  Nope, of course not. I suppose she will be delegated the task of keeping other Executive Directors out of federal prison?  So here are just a few things I would suggest Ms. Ultra do, make sure the ED’s don’t stalk and try to rape subordinates, make sure they don’t take kick backs from vendors, make sure they don’t supervise their wives and girlfriends, oh and make sure they don’t hire relatives who then never have to show up for work.  Just a few friendly suggestions.

Change is slowly coming I have heard others say.  So I wanted to give you three signs of true change and until these three things happen there is no change.  1.  Any and all candidates get equal time in our tribal paper 2.  When a sitting Chief leaves the Assistant Chief takes the office only temporarily until elections can be held 3.  A Tribal Employee Rights Organization.

My family until you see these three things we are still being stripped of our right to have a voice in our government.  We are stripped of our rights as surely as we read these words.