Good Day am Intek & Nakfish,

Were you upset by District 9 going to Ted Dosh? I know those of you out there who regularly read the blog believe I was upset. I can’t say that I wasn’t but I expected it. It was no surprise. As I watched from afar the corruption, the untold thousands of dollars being spent on Ted’s behalf, the job for votes, the intimidation, the forced labor, access to the voters list and countless other fraudulant activities I would have been hugely surprised if Birdie Williams had won. How can a normal person with normal means overcome such intimidation and relentless fraud?

My people take heart in this, according to a leading Indian newspaper Birdie Williams came within 200 some odd votes of beating Ted Dosh. What turned the tide were the coerced votes of the Choctaw CNO employees. That’s right, Birdie Williams won the absentee vote. Truth be told she probably won the election but we will never know for sure because you and I both know the CNO and the powers that be would have never conceded defeat. So the arm twisted Choctaw members in Durant won the election. I can’t complain because feeding your family comes before voting out a corrupted official.

Ted Dosh how do you feel about “winning” this election? Do you sleep well at night knowing you didn’t win but stole the Chahta people’s right to a fair unbiased and honest election? Or does the money keep you so warm you sleep like a baby and damn the very people you have been ah hum “elected” to serve? What about the Chahta tribal member in the nursing home? You remember him? He wanted to vote but was told they would only bring him a ballot if he voted for you? When you go to the pearly gates and a replay of your life is shown are you going to be proud of what you’ve done? To your own people Ted – you sold out to power, corruption and absolute dictatorship. You know what you BARELY “won”, the people are waking up and that warms my heart and makes me even more hopeful.

Where by the way, is the unbiased totally independent election board? Aren’t you supposed to take care of this corruption? Throw this election out? Or as I suspected all along you are just puppets being controlled by the Chief? After all he appointed you. It’s laughable this system you have Pyle. How in the world you have gotten away with decades of corruption and greed I will never know or understand. You take our sovereignty and you put it all at risk for your own benefit. As I have said numerous times you should be ashamed but I don’t think a man who blames his Hepatitus B on his wife has any shame.

Below is a scathing comment from #1 Choctaw, my old friend who has named me as the person responsible for the civil war within the Chahta tribe. Nahollo (#1 Choctaw) you give me way too much credit. My one little vote is nothing. My one little blog just tells it like it is and for that you want to shame me? How dare I expose even a small part of the corruption and the Chahta hatred spewed out by the CNO machine? I should be a good Choctaw and just wait patiently for change and expose nothing of the abuse, degradation and stripping away of rights that is being done to our people. I will make you this promise #1 Nahollo this fight isn’t over. If we can’t get our rights back from our own Choctaw Traitor Leaders then we will need to find an alternative – you just can’t have what is by birth ours. We are not going to give you what our families so long ago died for. The days of raping and abusing our Chahta women are over. The days of forcing handouts over hand ups are fast coming to a close. Even if that means going to the feds to do it.

“Your agenda of deceit and revenge is hurting the very people you claim to love and protect. Your misinformation will only divide the nation you you claim that you want to unite! How dare you lie to the good people that actually trust your bogus information you post here!

It’s amazing how much information you seem to have, but there’s never any true evidence for what you claim to hear or see. I have looked back at many of your blog entries and what you write is littered false accusations and claims. On several entries I have actually posted rebuttals with the facts listed and cited so your readers could confirm the real truth, and you have deleted them! I doubt you will have the guts to let this one stay either.” #1Choctaw

I would like to clarify something for my readers. #1 Nahollo has not been sending facts with cited sources she/he was hoping I would publish this rant in its entirety (which I have) so as to lie about sending me the “truth”. He/she knew I would publish this because I have always published what she/he has said. #1 Nahollo is a mouthpiece for this administration who spends millions of dollars marketing their good deeds and integrity while hiding their dirty shameful secrets. That’s what makes me the perfect target, I know differently and after these last rounds of elections so many people contacted me to say, I never really thought what you were saying was true until I saw what happened during this election.

To our absentee voters – I want to apologize. I didn’t give you enough credit to see what was happening here. You don’t know what your votes have done. You have given us, the ones who dare to fight the battle, hope that what we are doing is not in vain. I will never underestimate your love for the people and for your own heritage again. Thank you for such a valuable gift as hope for change.