Halito Brothers & Sisters,

Mrs. Williams candidate for District 9 has received a lot of feedback concerning her platform. Some people are assuming Mrs. Williams is the CVB candidate and she has asked me to explain that she is running her own campaign and has no official or unofficial ties to the Choctaw Voting Block party.

I understand her concern. No one in the last decade has dared to publically proclaim what our Choctaw leaders are doing is not only unethical but laced with intimidation and wrong doing except for the writers of this blog and other members of the CVB party. So yes this blog has expressed outrage and called for honest, even playing field elections and that has yet to happen. We have expressed the demand for a Choctaw Employee Rights Organization and we dare to demand our Choctaw people be treated with respect – not happening. We have had the gall to expect our Choctaw leaders to educate and prepare our own people to lead and manage OUR nation. So what has been written about in this blog is explosive and controversial in our Chahta community. How else were we to begin the wave of rebellion by begging and patiently waiting for our leaders to listen to their conscious? How many years have we been waiting for just that? I was twelve years old when I participated in my first election with my parents. That candidate was Wendell David, who lost. Subsequently, most if not all of his relatives were fired, their means to feed their Chahta families taken away just because they had blood ties to a Chahta who dared run for a council seat. That was some 32 years ago and only one example in a group of hundreds. So yes I’ve tried to get people angry and I’m not apologetic because if Chahta’s don’t take back their nation then it’s doomed to decades of fixed elections and crooked politics. I want more for my descendants.

Mrs. Williams has not read, to my knowledge, all of the blog posts and has never been a member of the CVB. What I do think in my short conversation with her is that she has the welfare of the Chahta people upper most in her mind and she seems unafraid. I remember her from the time I walked the Choctaw government halls, she is a classy professional Chahta woman, I thought that then and I believe it even more today. This is a woman who knows why she is running for the council seat in District 9. Above all, above the Choctaw Voting Block party, above the infamy of conflict, above the unethical deeds of our leadership is the welfare of the Chahta people. When you have a seated council member who lets the abuse of the Chahta people in District 9 continue there should be no question how you should vote. Vote for the welfare of our people today and for the generations of tomorrow.

The ABSENTEE VOTE will win this election and all ballot request forms must be in the election board office no later than 4:30 on June 26th. The absentee vote is critical to a win!