Halito Nakfish and Intek,

You may be wondering why I stopped writing these posts.  I stopped because of death threats and the responsibility I have for those I love.  I also stopped because it was heartbreaking to see the same old politics winning.  I stopped because the former CVB district 9 candidate had no intention of changing a corrupt broken governmental system.  I thought if that was the case then why not let Ted Dosh have it at least he already knew, after twenty plus years, what hoops to jump through.

Then I receive a call concerning someone brave enough to run against Ted Dosh and the CNO zombie warriors (I’ll get to that in a moment).  This candidate has no affiliation with the Choctaw Voting Block party but I called the candidate anyway.  My one hypothetical question:  “If a Choctaw were to be fired would you investigate?”  She told me she would that she wanted better for the Choctaw people and couldn’t believe how she was being treated just for daring to run for office.  She was almost certain she would be fired, her campaign signs were being yanked literally out of the ground and in the halls of our Choctaw government no one would look at her because as you probably have already assumed she still works for the CNO.  Brave huh?

Let me tell you what you won’t see.  You won’t see Birdie Williams communicating her stance on issues in the Biskinik because that paper is only for the candidates chosen by Chief Pyle.  I would like to know where she stands on Choctaw natural resources and her thoughts on a CERO (tribal employee rights organization).  You won’t be seeing mail from Birdie or receiving a call because Chief Pyle won’t release the voter registration list.  Oh I should say a COMPLETE voter registration list because as I have mentioned before when forced by a judge to give out the list he released a list of names – just names.  No addresses no telephone numbers – just names and a good luck finding them across the globe.  All this while his very own media machine churns out propoganda that would make Hitler proud.

Do you know who is making calls and knocking on doors with that same COMPLETE list to guide them for Ted Dosh?  Choctaw Nation Employees (zombie warriors) whose votes are monitored and whose jobs are threatened.  You would be amazed at what people will do if it looks like their means to make a living are in jeapordy, believe me I understand.  They will take off Monday through Friday during normal work hours to campaign – hmmm.  They will say they are taking annual leave and will; but they will be given a free comp time day just to say thank you from the Chief.  They will out and out lie to casino employees, telling them Birdie is for firing all Choctaw who are not at least a quarter Choctaw, don’t believe it.  The same snakes who treat Choctaw employees like dirty interlopers are the same ones cultivating that lie and they think Choctaw people will believe anything.  They have no respect for you sisters and brothers so take their lies and put them where they belong in the trash.

I am going to share with you what I was told and that is that Anthony Dillard will be Assistant Chief when Pyle steps down.  In the future when Batton is no longer Chief, Dillard will name Eric Pyle as Assistant Chief.  Do you see where I am going with this?  This means you and I will not get a truly free election in our lifetime.  We won’t be allowed to vote for Chief in our lifetime because the Chiefs of our future are being chosen by only a few, much like former soviet union communism.

This has got to stop but I don’t know how.  I almost think it’s time to start thinking Federal Bureau of Investigation or Department of the Interior.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

As for Birdie Williams you are a brave person but you are facing a mountain of lies and billions of dollars.  You have probably lost your job and prepare to be blacklisted but you have my vote.  I encourage you out there the Choctaw people in California, OKC, Tulsa, San Antonio, Seattle, Texas, wherever you may be to vote for Birdie Williams in District 9.  I encourage you to help us make a change for whats right because this administration lost it’s sense of morality a long time ago and we need you absentee voters to go beyond the hype and look and see what’s really going on.  All you have to do is look for any opposing voice in the Biskinik.  Do you see one?  You never will.  Will you ever see what Birdie stands for in the Biskinik?  No you won’t because they own the information and they aren’t going to share it.

Voters in District 9, grant programs paid for your community building and your wellness center.  Did Ted Dosh write those grants?  Nope.  Choctaw elders, other tribes feed their seniors everyday and pay for their trips?  What do you get?  Out of billions of dollars you get fed once a week and have to share your building with others.  In another district a Choctaw senior was thrown out by a non-Choctaw.  It could happen to you and do you think Ted Dosh would stick up for you?  Believe me he won’t.

Change is uncomfortable and sometimes you would rather dine with the devil you know rather than the one you don’t.  After twenty plus years Ted Dosh is still letting Choctaws lose their jobs and hasn’t done a damn thing about the system that lets them go.

We have to stand up sometime people.

Chi Pisa La Chike,