Good evening brothers and sisters,

I was recently told of an elder who advised a friend of mine.  The elder told this friend not to attend any rally’s that right now the Choctaw people respected him and if he attended any rally’s he would then lose their respect.  This advisor also said that we cannot change the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma that the nahullo’s were too entrenched in our governments that there was no way to get them out.  He also went on to say that things will change but to raise a fuss or draw attention to oneself was not the way to do it.

With all do respect then how is it supposed to be done?  Haven’t members of our tribe been going to you, our elder, for advice for more than a decade now and your answer is always the same, don’t make waves things will change.  Yes, I agree things will change.  That is the one constant all of us can expect is change but will our fates change as we sit in silence?  Will we as Chahta’s move like some great blob with no direction and no voice?

And I guess we are to let the nahullo’s stay and take our jobs and lands because so many of them already have?  Is this wisdom or defeat?  Entrenched is not the correct word our elder should use.  The correct and more accurate statement would be up in our government like a bore headed tick and the only way to remove it is by drawing blood.  If we haven’t the heart for our people to make the change then maybe we should give our Chahta away like some unwanted gift to someone who is willing to step up and make a difference.

I did not attend the Idle No More rally at the headquarters.  Did I not attend because I disagree with its message?  No, I didn’t attend because my writings were being used against the organizers of the rally so I wanted to step back and let the message of unity stand on its own.  You see unlike so many other tribes our tribe chose to not support the movement and I like a coward stayed away.  I should have been there holding my sign and shaming them for treating our people the way they have.  Our government caters to the bore headed ticks and worships not the red blood of their ancestors but the green blood of the almighty dollar.  Did you know that’s how other tribes see us?  They say rubbing their fingertips together “Choctaws worship money”.  Then of course we must then explain that the majority of our Chahta people live at or below the poverty line.  There is no per/cap, no elder pension and certainly no TERO.  The other tribes are surprised because we have land, planes, casinos and all sorts of prosperity then we must explain who prospers because it’s not the every day Chahta it’s the bore headed ticks and those who lead us.

Tonight at midnight the federal government will, if they don’t reach an agreement, have no budget and across the board cuts will take place.  I never thought I would see the day.  It has me thinking what if Texas got gaming?  What if there were massive layoffs across the Choctaw nation?  Now ask yourself in your heart of hearts who do you think would feel the layoffs first and foremost?  Do you think it would be the costly high payed bore headed ticks?  Do you think our administration would take a pay cut?  No you see CNO stands at 51% native hires and not all of those are Chahta, not by a long shot.  If you think the ticks will let those uppity Choctaws fire them you’ve lost all sense of reality.  It will be Chahta’s who are the first to go and the last to be hired back.  You want to know why?  Because as it stands they don’t have to answer to you and they know it.