Halito Sisters & Brothers,

The event Friday at 4pm at Choctaw Nation Headquarters is an IDLE NO MORE rally.  It’s not a protest and it’s not a bunch of disgruntled ex-employees gathering to take the place down.  However, that is the word put out by the CNO.  I have to politely disagree.  At the previous Idle No More rally that took place at the CNO Event Center parking lot there were (out of all attendees) three ex employees who marched across I- 75 with all the other native peoples who chose to attend the rally – 3 ex employees, just three.  Out of those three ex-employees only one held a Choctaw Employee Rights Organization sign.  None of the three ex-employees spoke at the rally, which by anyone’s account was peaceful.  We chose to march in frigid temperatures peacefully in support of indigenous environmental issues, treaty issues and basic human rights.  Environmental issues, treaty issues and basic human rights are what the IDLE NO MORE rally will be about at the Durant Headquarters as well.  If anyone tells you any different then they are doing so to keep you away.

Why our own leaders choose to not support such a worthy cause only shows how far removed they are from real indian country issues.  To deflect attention away from their lack of interest they choose to blame the large number of Chahta employees they let the nahollo’s terminate.  They choose to embrace the new nahollo leadership that actually runs the tribe than stand with other indian country leaders in support of:  environmental issues, treaty issues and basic human rights.

I keep repeating that statement because it’s so important to know where our tribal leadership stands on such issues.  Where they stand is far away from indian people; it’s just that simple.  There is another very important thing I want you to think about.  We ex-employees know we will never (bar a miracle) be employed by our tribe again.  Our organization, the Choctaw Voting Block Political party has an executive committee.  Only two people on that committee of seven are ex-employees.  Our main goal is to advocate a Choctaw Employee Rights Organization (CERO) so that what has happened to the two of us (and so many others who are not part of the CVB) will never happen to any other Chahta people.  We want true indian preference and we want our government to be operated by Chahta people.  By listening to our leaders you would think we call for the public hanging of anyone who disagrees.  Do you know who would actually benefit from such an organization?  If they instituted a CERO tomorrow none of the ex-employees would benefit.  Chahta’s who own their own businesses and CNO employees would have an organization to advocate for their rights and their businesses in CNO employment and contracts.  Chahta’s who want to work for their tribe and those who want to participate in equal and free elections would also benefit.

I do what I do for all Chahta people, even those who remain steadfast in their disdain for this organization.  I hope to see you at the IDLE NO MORE rally Friday at 4pm, CNO Headquarters.  Remember this is not what they want you to believe it is.  This is an opportunity to peacefully assemble in support of indigenous peoples all over the world whether you support the CVB or not.