Good Morning unNakfish and unIntek,

You may be laughing at my Chahta anumpa this morning but I like to try to practice!  You know what I just don’t read enough on Facebook.  I usually log in, post my blog and answer anyone who may have messaged me.  Last night however I couldn’t sleep after the super bowl game (may I say what a game) and decided to check around on Facebook.  I love to see the pics of Chahta families and I like seeing what is going on in Indian Country.

I don’t know why I was surprised to see old posts concerning the Durant Idle No More rally and it’s association with the Choctaw Voting Block political party.  I want to make it clear I was the only person there holding a sign advocating a Choctaw Employee Rights Organization.  That rally was absolutely a rally to support Indian Country issues and in particular Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike.  While I posted about the date, encouraged attendance and totally supported the ideology behind the movement it was not a CVB event.  However, some at the CNO decided to use my posts and the CVB name to discourage attendance by Chahta employees and those closely related to the CNO administration.

Sadly, these are other Choctaws who are offended that I dare to question the status quo and that I place blame on the current CNO administration.  I do, I lay blame squarely at the feet of our administration.  Here is a list of what I blame them directly for:

1.  The lack of a fair and democratic process for the Chahta people

2.  The black balling and mis-use of power against it’s own

3.  Not taking action to end the abuse of it’s own

I read last night on other Choctaw pages about happily waiting on our Chief and our Council’s direction and I understand that more than you know.  I trusted them.  I thought the world of them.  Then I worked for them.  I also read that maybe if some of us had done our jobs well we wouldn’t be so negative (not an exact quote but that was the jist).  I have written about my experience extensively so I won’t do so again here.  However, I want you to think about something, who replaced me?  Who replaced the employee who recently received a distinguished invitation by the White House?  Well I was replaced by two nahullo’s from Dallas (they did not have my position title), the many times honored employee was replaced with a nahullo as well.  Tony Messenger’s former position was replaced by a nahullo from Dallas.  And just because I mention Mr. Messenger’s name doesn’t mean he is a part of the CVB, I would imagine he will cringe at being mentioned again.  Who is receiving full time positions at the Casino?  That’s right you guessed it.  What person is throwing another Chahta out of the community center?  Uh huh that’s right.  What tribe is building trailer homes for it’s people instead of more stable brick homes (they build very few a year), you guessed it.

So if the responsibility doesn’t lie with the Chief, Assistant Chief and Council then you tell me where the buck stops?

If you are Chahta and you object to the CVB agenda then you object to:

1.  Term Limits

2.  Elder Pension

3.  Budget Transparency

4.  CERO

5.  Balancing of the Choctaw Constitution

6.  A free and true democracy

As a Choctaw how could you object to these principles?  As leaders of our people WHY would you object to these ideals?

Those of us who put our necks on the line (I am proud of my death threat) for our people we are the ones who make lasting change.  And we make this change for all Chahta wether they are for or against us.  That’s just what a family does.