Halito Sisters & Brothers,

Our people work part-time at the CNO casinos.  I know you know this but some were once full-time and some have been part-time for years and they are told “you will be next” as a response to pleas for full-time positions.  So they wait and then they wait some more as Vegas and Bossier City workers are trucked in and given all kinds of positions.  Chahta employees with associates, bachelors and masters degrees are cleaning toilets and sorting trash.  As if you’ve never heard of the word VOTE.  We can no longer allow such treatment, to do so puts us in poverty and damages our soul.  Some critics would say, go work somewhere else if you don’t like it.  That’s true you know but once again this is our house and those critics for the most part are nahollo.  They move into our house and then they make sure we know who is in charge and this is sanctified and encouraged by the very ones in charge of keeping our house standing.

What can we do?  I hear this all the time or my favorite words are “it’s better than it was”.  Why don’t we, as Chahta citizens expect more?  So our women, for the most part, are not being raped in the offices of headquarters does that not mean we can’t expect exceptional ethical leadership?  Because gaming has brought prosperity for the few in charge does that not mean we can’t demand our constitutional rights to indian preference?  Because our people have low paying jobs does that not mean we can’t expect to be promoted or work in an environment free of Chahta racism?  We are worth more than that my family!  Embrace what you are worth and register to vote in the upcoming elections to not do so sets our children up for the same rejection we face and continue to face from our tribe.

Do I want to change the world?  That is not where my attention is focused but by changing OUR world it does make a difference in the world beyond the CNO borders.  Tyrrany and oppression are not a CNO exclusivity but it is the treatment of my people that is near and dear to my heart.

We protestors of injustice are the warriors of today.  We face criticism and name calling.  We face stares and jeers but we take it with dignity.  This fight for justice is for our people and I can’t tell you the feeling of accomplishment and community it brings to the soul.

I wish this fight didn’t have to be fought but it does.  We can no longer let the power that be run our Chahta Nation because they no longer have our empowerment at heart, if they ever did.  There is another Idle No More rally planned for the CNO, stay tuned for dates and times.