Sisters & Brothers chim achukma?

I am putting the finishing touches on my signs for the Idle No More rally tomorrow night.  And I have been on my facebook page (you can friend Choctaw Wright on facebook) reading all the posts concerning the growing excitement about tomorrow’s event.  I had a comment about why the rally didn’t start earlier.  I was told today there is a Tulsa rally earlier in the day and many Tulsa Indians are driving down to Durant after their rally to attend the Durant event.  A good friend of mine was asked to speak about the Poarch Creek controversy but politely declined because he wanted to stand with his Chahta people here, in the most politically charged district of the CNO.

People are hungry for change aren’t they?  Or I should say Native People are hungry for change.  Broken treaties, cultural annihilation, death, destruction, greed have all taken their toll on our identity as a people and thank the Creator Indian Country peoples are finally coming together united for a cause.  We, for the time being, are one people.  And although most tribal government leaders support the movement it is the grass roots organizers who are responsible for the Idle No More movement sweeping the nation.  But even that would not be possible without Indians attending these events.

My Chahta family this may be the only chance you will have for years to stand with your brothers and sisters and say, no more.  Tomorrow is the time to say we as Indian people have had enough of the corruption, the abuse and oppression.  Tomorrow is the time to say you cannot ignore us any longer.  Tomorrow is the time to say that although we are quiet people we are survivors and we are fighters.  Tomorrow is the time to stand together and say enough is enough.  We want our sovereignty honored and we want all those who supposedly have our best interests at heart to do what they are legally and by election are required to do.

Let’s show our leadership that we can come together because believe me they never ever thought it would happen.

I am praying you are there and we will all stand together for the rights of Indian peoples.