Good afternoon Brothers and Sisters,

The time for the Idle No More rally is almost upon us and not only am I excited to see our people come together for all indian people but I am excited that this event is taking place in Chahta country.  To see Chahta people coming together to dance and sing warms this indian’s heart.  Remember we meet in peace and if they choose to disperse us then we disperse in peace.  I look forward to meeting new Chahta family members and if you see me be sure and give me your two cents on topics concerning indian country.

Now to the topic at hand.  I have been told that our government leadership is taking a more pro Chahta stance.  They are demanding the recruitment and hiring of more native people.  They have offered positions elsewhere in the nation when a Chahta is obviously in the wrong position instead of firing (one example of this, if you know of more let me know) the Chahta employee.  I applaud this effort because that means your voice is being heard and maybe just maybe our administration is remembering they cannot administer without the will and vote of the Chahta people.

It’s not enough.

That’s right, you read me.  It’s not enough.  Until we have a CERO that reports directly to Chief and Council the majority of Chahta employees still have nowhere to go in the face of untruths and oppression.  To cherry pick one employee and treat them with respect is good for one employee not for the Chahta people as a whole.  I know in my situation the unethical treatment went all the way to the Executive Director.  With lies and harassment they smeared my name but it no longer is about me and hasn’t been for almost a year now.

It’s a larger picture my Chahta family.  If we force their hand, if we embrace the voting power that is ours we can change this anti-Chahta government for our children and their children.  The Chief used to talk vaguely about a 100 year vision.  I was on a project and I emailed his office to get the information for the 100 year vision, his nahullo gatekeeper told me that was just something he touched on now and then and nothing was really written down.  A few months ago I saw in the Chief’s letter to the people posted in the propaganda sheet (Biskinik) where he elaborated on the 100 year vision.  I had to laugh because I had written those words line per line, he had given me permission to write my own 100 year vision all those months ago.  I hope you will read those thoughts in your Biskinik because they come from my heart and no one else’s.

Our true 100 year vision is for our Chahta descendents.  I see a government run for and by Chahta leaders.  I see a workforce that if abused and beaten down can go directly to our own CERO and find relief.  I see contractors who actually have to bid for work with the CNO and who are also given indian preference.  I see a walk through headquarter halls and every desk filled with Chahta workers who are being educated and prepared to be productive within the CNO for years to come.  I see a Cultural Preservation District Chief.  I see a CERO District Chief and I see an Enterprises District Chief.  I see term limits and transparency concerning all funds moving in and out of the CNO.  I see villages for a our children and communities for our elderly.  I see more houses being built for young families and I see the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma as leaders in Indian Country.  So you see it’s not enough to tell one employee, okay you can work somewhere else – we won’t fire you.  It’s just not enough, it’s like putting a band-aid on a severed leg.

Brothers and Sisters while you spend these next couple of days making signs be sure and reserve one for CERO (Choctaw Employee Rights Organization) which is not only for Chahta employees but for all Chahta wanting to work and make their lives within the borders of the Choctaw Nation.  We not only stand in support of Chief Spence this Saturday but we demand our rights concerning the ability to vote, to work and to prosper in our own community.

One final word The Muskogee Creek Nation Chief and 2nd Chief stood with their people during the IDLE No More rally in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  You know why?  Because they still feel indian in their heart.  Our leaders see themselves as heads of a billion dollar corporation and their heart is no longer red but white.

Chi Pisa La Chike,