Good Afternoon Brothers & Sisters,

I was telling my sons to get ready for the Idle No More gathering at the Durant Event Center parking lot.  I was saying mark your calendars for 7pm and let’s go stand for all Indian people.  My oldest son was good my youngest son, who is 16 years old ask me the question, “Why, that’s not our tribe”.

WHEW!  I looked at this boy about to become a man.  This boy that I love and I realized that he does not know our people.  That can sometimes happen in divorce especially if you have divorced a non-Indian.  It was my fault.  Even after all of these essays I had neglected to tell my own flesh and blood what it means to be Chahta and what it means to be Indian.

I told him, “our own tribe squeezes out Chahta people from working and running their own government because the nahullo’s smell money.  So many of our people have been fired and abused while working for our tribe that almost every family living within the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma borders have one or MORE stories”, his eyes got big because he knew he opened up a box.

“Your own great grandparents (who have long since passed) were swindled out of allotment oil money and their children were almost forced to go to a boarding school.  They chose to not teach their children the language of the Chahta for fear they would not assimilate and face what they had faced growing up.”

okay, I’ll go

“No wait it’s my fault you have lost your since of being indian.  We go to this protest to stand up for what is right.  This chief Teresa Spence is refusing solid food because she had no other choice because of the atrocities happening in her people’s community.  Broken treaties and a lack of respect for her people.  We go there so our own Chief might see that we as Chahta people are sick and tired of being smashed and broken in our own enterprises.  Maybe if he sees us dancing and coming together to support Indian Country injustices he will finally give us a Chahta Employee Rights Organizaiton so no other Chahta person has to hear, you won’t get my job”!

Okay, okay, I said I would go.

“One last thing.  You are among the few with enough Chahta blood in your veins to someday be Chief of our tribe.  Don’t take that lightly because that number dwindles everyday and we need Chahta’s who will put our people and their future generations above all else.  Above greed and lust.  Above selfish thoughts and ignorant pursuits”.

BAM!  I could be Chief?

“Only if we can somehow wrestle our nation from the czarist regime controlling it now”.

So you see brothers and sisters I was not doing what I should have been doing his whole life.  I should have made it to where to be anything but Chahta would seem foreign to him instead of the other way around.  I fell down on the job but it’s not too late.  My son will be at the gathering, we are going as a family to support our larger family.  We cannot fall down on this job.  This is a pivotal moment in our history.  This gathering represents a turning point for not only all indians but for the Chahta people as well.  My people, my family, gather your grandparents, your cousins, your sisters and brothers and dance with us.  I pray to see you there.

Chi Pisa La Chike,