Halito Brothers & Sisters,

A chim achukma! Am achukma.  Actually I am not well I am saddened and sickened by a story told to me only in the last few hours.

Who are we?  I know who I am.  I am a Chahta ohoyo who saw the way Chahta were treated and decided to raise a stink.  I know who we are.  We are Chahta people and respecting our elders is ingrained into our psyche’s.  The nahullos, yes I know who they are as well.  They have scorned us for hundreds of years but as soon as the farm land, oil and gaming revenue came to us flowing like a river they sneak in amongst us so they can be sure to get their fair share.  Except their definition of “fair” is far from what we would call fair.  But some of us are content to sing our songs, play our stickball, draw our checks and hope for the best.  I know because I was one of them.  If I prayed and hoped for the best it would all be okay.  We would get the respect we so deserve and our little sovereign dependent nation would continue to thrive.  My blinders were yanked off and it was not a pleasant experience.  My anger has turned to resolve and those who share in this need to make change are quietly coming together.

Back to tonight’s story of disdain.  One of our elder Chahta ohoyo’s wanted to sing Chahta songs at the community center.  This did not sit well with the representative (the representative is kind of like a class president in a high school – just thought I would clear that up) and the elder was told she could not sing Chahta songs.  I believe her words were “no one wants to hear that”.  From what I was told others not only wanted to hear it they wanted to participate.  Those that could participate wanted to sing.  The rep was thin blood but she was by her CDIB a member of the Choctaw tribe.  Our elder said, “If I want to sing a Chahta song I will sing it” and began to sing and the thin blood shoved her seriously hurting her jaw.  The tribal police were called and the rep was taken away and charged with assault.  So you say, good that’s how it should have went.  Just wait…unfortunately there is more.  Then council member JAMES FRAZIER finds our hurt elder and gives her a letter explaining why she is barred from ever going to the community center again.  He said she was causing trouble.

So our little elderly Chahta ohoyo was banned from the CHOCTAW community center for singing Chahta songs.  I have to invoke my smart arse button and say, was this at a Little Dixie Community Center?  Because I thought this was at a Choctaw community center?  Why did councilman Frazier decide to step in on an elder fight, yet can’t possibly get involved with the hiring and firing of Chahta employees?  AND what pray tell is next banning all Chahta citizens from the hallways and waterways of the CNO empire?  Did councilman Frazier investigate?  Did he go to the center and talk to each and every Chahta citizen there before he banned her for life?

I discussed this with one of our absentee voters and she said all Chahta’s should just boycott every program, every handout given by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  She was a little angry – Let’s say we, as Chahta people, did just that we withdrew our participation from anything to do with the government of the CNO.  Let ’em have it.  Well we are still card-carrying members and they would use our individual sovereignty as Chahta tribal members to keep the CNO going.  All the nahollo’s would still get paid, and our community centers would be open to everyone and the CNO would boast about having close to a quarter million members – whether we boycotted or not.

Our nation is infiltrated by non Chahta people and they are in there like burrowed ticks.  First of all, who is willing to run against James Frazier before he bars all Chahta’s from the community center?  Anyone brave enough to try to make a change?  And believe me I get it.  You could potentially face an ostracizing of your own but maybe you won’t.  Perry Thompson in his run against Winship was not supported by the CNO leaders.  Winship had the support and the funds and yet he lost.  Tony Messenger was not supported by the Chief’s office yet he won (oh by the way Tony the people of your district are wondering why you don’t live in the community – just saying).

Men and women of the Chahta Nation we have GOT to make this move.  The only other way we will get our nation back is if Texas passes gaming legislation and we become poor.  Then the greedy and hungry for power will go elsewhere and what will we be left with?  Same as before – each other.

Yakoke am akana,