Good Cold Morning Brothers & Sisters,  Himak nitak kvt kapvssa!  (Today is cold)

I most likely have the word arraingement wrong but learning our Chahta language via the Chahta Anumpa Preservation Society makes me feel even more connected to our unique people.  The founder of the society told a story about running in the mountains near Broken Bow and how as he was there he felt that connection to our people in the “mini-motherland”.  I knew what he meant.  Sometimes while driving through eastern Chahta country I imagine what those hills must have looked like to our ancestors after walking so far to a country most of them had never seen.  To finally make it alive to what is now our home must have been an emotional time.  I am sure most of you have felt this spiritual connection at one time or another or at all times to our ancestors.  This is unique to us to be able to feel empathy and love for Chahta people long dead and buried.  It is the invisible tether that connects us.  It is this feeling I am talking about when I say “love for the people”.  The nahollo’s don’t have it, not for our people anyway and it’s not their fault.  It is our blessing from the Creator and every day we should give thanks for it.  Don’t get me wrong there are some who are not Chahta who understand it and admire it, most of those people are spouses of Chahta.

What would our new Chahta administration look like if we succeed in wrestling our government away from the Apple Aristocracy?  First of all, we are planning to go back to the district chief and principal chief system of leadership.  Why?  Because the CNO is too big for one Assistant Chief to handle.  That is why there is so much oppression, abuse, and tyranny to our people.  Gary Batton has lost control.  This only shows his lack of delegation skills.  The state of the Chahta people doesn’t concern him, he has shown this time and time again.  A fine example is one of the men in the running for assistant chief (not Anthony Dillard) has a problem with sexual harrassment – numerous instances of not only infedelity but stalking and battery.  So this is what we have to look forward to?  Once again?  What is wrong with our nation being run by men with integrity?  Is it too much to ask for honor?  Is it too much to ask for a new order of ethics?  One of Batton’s appointees one was recently caught – around two million dollars later – and was fired.  Where is the money?  Meanwhile, as you have heard here before, our orphaned children beg for secure safe homes.  Do we really need his buds running our nation?  With their spotty unethical track record we should all say no!

The new (or should I say old) system of Chiefs will do something else very important.  It will give the Chahta people at least three (at this time it’s three) candidates to choose from for Chief once the CVB chief steps down (we believe in term limits).  Three qualified candidates plus any other Chahta who wants to run for our highest office (the ridiculous $5000 dollar candidate fee will most assuredly be done away with to be replaced with free public debates).  A succession line of qualified Chief candidates, term limits and open forums – wow what a vision.

I hear whispers of our quiet people secretly making plans for the new Chahta Nation of Oklahoma and this re-energizes me.  Knowing you are out there and allowing yourself to dream of a time when we are no longer smashed to the floor in our own house makes me so proud, not that you need me to be proud of you but I could think of no better words.

My Chahta Family the time is coming…