Good afternoon my Brothers & Sisters,

For this blog we are privileged to have another editorial piece from guest writer “Aoikpache”.  As the CNO gives lip service to a cultural resurgence Aoikpache’s words echo through out Chahta country.  After reading the piece I have to wonder; we had an indian boarding school in Jones Academy but we gave it up.  I guess it didn’t bring in enough money?  But wouldn’t that have been THE opportunity to start immersion practices?  I guess we will never know.  A wise ole buffalo has repeatedly said without our language, our Chahta Anumpa, we perish and I believe he is right.  Without our language we become more and more members of the dominate society and less and less Chahta.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Yakoke My Chahta Family (Chukka Chvffa),




My fellow Okla Chahta,

Today I write to you with a heavy heart.

Creator has given children to me, and I want them to grow up in a good way. As Chahta they must learn many lessons,  and they must learn them in Chahta Anumpa.

Where are our Chahta Schools?  Our Nation is thriving financially. We are the third largest Tribe in North America but we have no Chahta Immersion School?

Why are we letting this happen? Many ask every year and the answer is always the same. Later. Later. Later when? When my children are grown? When my children have children? 

It will be too late then. Our Elders will not be here forever.

We do not need a new fancy building. All we need is children,  Elders and funding.

The Muskogee Creek Nation has a new school. Puetake Vcake has been going for a few years now. They have fluent speakers who are teaching their children the Mvskoke way of life. There is no English in their school. The children are learning gardening along with science and math. The children are happy and strong. It is a small school, and it will grow.

The Cherokee Nation’s school began small. This year they graduated their first class of 6th Graders who have been a part of this Immersion School from the beginning. These children are teaching their parents and grandparents the language that was stolen from them.

The Nahullo who took our land knew that the best way to teach our children their ways was to put them in white schools.

It’s time we turned the tables.

Let us have a Chahta School for our Chahta children. Let us bring in the Elders to sit and tell our children their stories and songs. Let our children play,  learn, sing and dream in a Chahta way.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I will tell you this… before another winter comes parents,  children and Elders will come together. Help us.

We will no longer ask WHEN we will have a Chahta School for our children,  but HOW and WHERE.

The time is NOW.