Good Morning Brothers & Sisters,

I wanted to share with you a message that was sent to me:

“…we were told that we needed to register as absentee so that we could vote for Anthony Dillard. I am not sure about them watching but I do know that they monitor who votes for who. 1 employee that I know of was called in about (her/his) vote…”

Hmmm what are we to make of this my Chahta family?  I have heard good things about Anthony Dillard and I have heard some not so good things about councilman Dillard.  However, I don’t doubt the above statement.  The information provided goes hand in hand with what has been said in previous posts concerning the absentee vote.

Let’s be honest and forthright.  The absentee voting system is over ripe with fraud like a rotten tomato, it stinks.  The question for Anthony Dillard is this, did you know casino employees were asked to register as absentee voters?  Were you oblivious to the order and then were you aware of the retaliation?  I have been told you are a good man and have the people in your heart?  However, this is not only fraud but oppression in its worst form.  This type of behavior toward your own people is treason.

Councilman Dillard, I am asking you with much humility to announce that if people have been told to register as absentee to vote for you to disregard the request.  Publically state you are not a part of this treasonous oppression and that you are willing to run an election on your own merit.

During my own unfortunate situation Mr. Dillard was the only councilman willing to look at my side of the situation.  He called the council members together and read my statement.  He did this and was the only one who tried to make a stand so you can see why this information makes my heart heavy.  I am told he will be in the running for Assistant Chief.  If the above information is correct then he will only be more of the same; an extension of the Roberts regime.  If the above statement is not true then he needs to get to the bottom of what our people were forced to do and set aside personal agendas for Chahta democratic freedom.

Thousands of us await your response.