Good Morning Sisters & Brothers,

I want to apologize in advance for run on sentences and grammar mistakes.  I tend to make those mistakes when I am so disgusted and angry.  Another firing of a high degree blood quantum Chahta for being anti-non Chahta.  This Chahta is a native speaker, a dancer and PRO-Chahta.  He must have been too Chahta for the apples and the non-Chahta’s who enjoy the fruits of our sovereignty.  The same non-Chahta who for centuries have been so kind as to break almost every treaty ever granted to all American Indians and then have the heart to tell us we are stupid and ignorant and need their superior guidance.  AND for centuries our own corrupt and brain washed leadership has let them – no invited them to do it.

How many Chahta’s must be fired Mr. Pyle and Mr. Batton before your goal of 100% nahollo corporate leadership is achieved?  Pretty soon you will need to denounce the Chahta blood running through your own veins so you can feel that sense of being nohollo.

This message was sent to me only yesterday:

“At the next Executive Director’s meeting it will be announced that CNO(all 7 business entities) are operating with 80% Non-NDNs. Of that 20% only 10% are Choctaw, and of that 10% Choctaw 8.5% are below 1/64 Blood quantum. The rash of firings have been an act to push existing Choctaw employees into submission, with employees not even claiming their blood after becoming employed with the tribe. Chief and Gary as well as the E.D. feel that they have changed the corporate culture for the better. Directors are being encouraged to “fire” any Choctaws that do not fit into this new culture.”  Anonymous

I cannot verify this information but it certainly fits into the now infamous quote from Susan Stockton, …the nation is moving towards corporate america. The only thing standing in the way are CDIB holders.  I realize I have shared with you those words over and over and the reason is this; its how they feel.  As one concerned Chahta told us at the Durant Pow Wow last weekend,”… our nation is crumbling from the top down…”

When we have Chahta citizens who choose not to reveal they are Chahta for fear of retaliation then we have a major major problem and it falls onto the shoulders of our Chief, Assistant Chief and Council.  If Greg Pyle has Alzheimer’s then for the people’s sake step down, take care of yourself and enjoy your family.  As for Mr. Batton, go ahead and claim your chief office so we can have an election (eventually) and lets see how many nohollo’s vote.  If you aren’t democratically elected lets see how many of those same nohollo’s will assist you in taking over corporate america.  See how corporate america likes it, perhaps you should say “We are moving towards a Chahta Nation environment and the only people standing in the way are you nohollo’s” – wonder how long it would take to be escorted out of the building, down the steps and back to your white corvette .

Council members if you don’t have the backbone to stand up for the Chahta people then you must go.  We may not be able to get you out the first election but rest assured you are either with US the CHAHTA PEOPLE or you are against us.  We now know of around 25 firings and I guaranty you that doesn’t even include the casinos.  Oh and next time you go into one of the CNO casinos make a special note of who is cleaning the machines and scrubbing the toilets – that’s right that’s where you will find our people and stop one of them and ask if they have a degree you might be surprised at the answer.  Why don’t you ask them how they define humiliation and degradation?  Why don’t you ask them if they are allowed to go to funerals?  Oh but hey it’s just a dead family member right?  Heck we Chahta’s have been dying for thousands of years, what’s one more!

What are we today my Chahta family?  We didn’t ask for this modern day civil war the apples and nohollo’s brought it to our house – ONCE AGAIN.  Must we continue to let them rob us of what is by birth ours!  They take our sovereignty that our ancestors paid for with death, starvation, cholera and loss of means and they rub our noses in it like useless dirt!  Director’s lie, proliferate deceit and oppress then smile to Batton because they know they hold more security than our own people!  Who is willing to stand up so our own children no longer have to suffer this degrading humility!  Who is willing to stop the abuse!  Who is willing to say ENOUGH!