Good Day Sisters and Brothers!

I want to say yakoke for all of my birthday wishes.  Sometimes I feel I am writing to myself but no man is an island.  The Chahta people are ready for change and that makes me feel like this little thing I do is worthwhile.  Never forget my Chahta family we are not only worthy of change but we have the power to demand change.  On to other subjects.

Another Chahta in a discussion concerning blood quantum limits mentioned sovereignty for all tribes.  Which brings up a topic that has concerned me for quite sometime.  I was told and please let me know if this isn’t the case, that indians who work for the U.S. government (specifically IHS or BIA) aren’t allowed to participate in tribal elections.  They can vote but they can’t campaign.

As long as campaigning isn’t done during work hours or on work grounds, I feel this is denying us our right to participate to whatever degree we please in our own elections.  My next question would, of course, be so non tribal persons who work for the government allowed to campaign in U.S. elections?  Are they allowed to set out flyers on their own time?  Are they allowed to design brochures?  Are they allowed to drive their elders to the polls?  If they are allowed then aren’t we also U.S. citizens?

Of course, in the world of the all powerful CNO their employee’s are pressured by their supervisors to attend a mandatory meeting at lunch time to dole out assignments for the Chief election.  “Your blowing up balloons”, “Your stacking chairs”, “Your serving food”.  The irony of non-Chahta supervisors, managers, directors and executive directors assigning our people jobs for a Chahta election!  Oh just the thought hurts my soul.

Business wise the value of all those people pressured to work election events is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Those little meetings aren’t voluntary and those assignments aren’t voluntary even though the mouth moves and says you don’t “have” to take an assignment.  How do you think that would go over if an employee refused?  I think you can imagine what it would do to one’s career.  Back to the money.  So it cost $5000 to put your hat into the Chief election.  Then the Chief has thousands of workers at his disposal.

Goliath to be sure but it’s possible.  It’s possible to take back our nation and make the changes our people need to experience true empowerment.  What choice do we have?  For our descendents what choice do we have?