Good Morning Brothers & Sisters,

In the last eight days I have received word of abuse, firings and humiliation of five Chahta people.  I am outragedat the arrogance of the nahollo’s who rule over us.  I am further outraged at the Choctaw men who let it happen.  I am outraged that these Choctaw men are our leadership.  These abusive back stabbing nahollo’s could not wield so much power if not for these men.  The Choctaw men who call themselves Council, Assistant Chief and Chief.  Yes, I know many people love Greg Pyle and the times I have interacted with him I found him very likeable and charismatic.  His flaws are he believes Chahta’s are a dumb helpless people that need the superior intellect of non-Chahta’s and he believes in no term limits and limitless power.  A king in his own country.  Except the king is ill only to be replaced by one with the same ideology.  I am here to tell YOU my precious Chahta family WE DO NOT need nahollo’s to operate our own nation.  And if we believe we do and keep these apples in power then we have set our children and their children up for the same oppression and abuse.

People look to me to do something and I feel helpless to make their lives better.  All I can do is write words that will inform our people and hopefully will motivate them enough to make the change.  My vote is only one but with your votes and your family votes we can make a true revolution that will affect our descendents for generations to come.

So, we turn our eyes to summer 2013 when our first candidate will run for council.  We haven’t had anyone step forward to run for the other council seats so those of you who feel powerless to affect change but feel you aren’t worthy to run for council, think again because that is exactly what they hope for you; to remain brow beaten and unproud.  This is the time for new blood in our leadership.  We do not need any more men who are afraid of the king so much so they turn away from the abuse of their own.  We do not need paper men who are afraid of the fire.  We do not need selfish men who use the Chahta people for their own personal gain.  OUR PEOPLE need you to help put a stop to the tyranny.  To do that you must overcome our gentle nature and be prepared to fight this 21st century war.

For those of you who have come to me and other leaders of this movement there may be a reason you were treated with scorn and humiliation.  The reason, to be sure, wasn’t the one given to you by our invaders.  The reason is that God may have chosen you to be a warrior for this cause so that you would know what we fight for.  We fight for our dignity and for our descendents prosperity.  So, you hold your head up and know our time is coming.

With much love and respect,