Good Day Sisters and Brothers,

We have discussed sovereignty over and over again because it is so important to our tribal rights.  It is our sovereignty that allows us to have gaming, it is our sovereignty that gives us status as a sovereign dependent nation within the boundaries of the U.S.  So it is especially crushing to see our sovereignty used against, the very people it was designed to empower.

It is no secret this particular secret society was born from abuse, oppression and humiliation.  A minority of our members were escorted by security out of theirjobs in the Nation and forbidden to even step into our capital hallways.  Some of us followed procedure to protest the firing.  The individual signed in, was told by security to wait in the lobby where cameras could record every move.  When the time came to hear about the protest the response was that the individual had never stepped foot in our Choctaw headquarters by a high-ranking HR official.  Despite the security cameras and the sign in sheet.  This is abuse of sovereignty.

To follow other members, as they try to get jobs to feed their children (Chahta children), to pay their mortgages to live their life, with lies about their employment is an abuse of sovereignty.

To fabricate lies and innuendos to government officials is an abuse of sovereignty.  To remain silent as if the Chahta is dead is also an abuse of sovereignty.

If this were truly corporate America many things done by those who would risk our sovereignty would be considered illegal and would open up the company to lawsuits worth millions.

These abuses could be stopped but those who have the power to stop it arrogantly think the Chahta people won’t fight for their rights.  As for the nahullo’s who risk our most precious sovereignty and for those Choctaw’s who participate in the illegal and rampant abuse of your own people, your name is going on a list and if we ever gain back our nation you will be on the other end.

You may take away my job, you may damage my ability to find work, but you will NEVER take away the one fact you cannot stand.  I am Chahta and you will never be and the legacy you so covet belongs to my people and it will someday belong to us again!