Good Day Brothers & Sisters,

I stood in line to vote yesterday and I was so pleased that there WAS a line.  People lined up to exercise their right to vote.  Of course, I thought of my Chahta people.  In the U.S. election no one was appointed by an all powerful leader to run for election or re-election.  Even the incumbent president had to run for the nomination of his party. In the U.S. election the senate and house are not afraid to vote against an all powerful zar.   If only our tribal people had the same rights in our own elections.

We must do our part.  We must register to vote in our own elections even if we think our vote is not going to count.  That bears repeating – even if we think our votes do not count.  My Chahta family if we do not change our system now we are the only ones who will suffer.  I see the billboards cranked out by the CNO about cultural resurgence and hire Choctaws.  So….where is the Choctaw Employee Rights Organization?  So let me get this straight – our tribe wants other businesses to hire Choctaw and yet the positions of management and leadership within it’s own doors are primarily nahullo?  Don’t buy the hype.  True empowerment is working for a living and earning your wage.  In these rough economic times our tribe should be clamouring to keep our people in jobs WITHIN OUR OWN NATION.

I recently spoke with another former CNO employee who has now gone to work for another tribe that shall remain nameless.  This tribe truly upholds indian preference.  The non-indian ceiling isn’t there and that tribe is thriving.  Those tribal members are lucky.

Our leadership feels we cannot exist without nahullo experts.  It’s an ingrained belief that we require their superior skills and outside knowledge.  The faith for our own people has gone away.  “Let the whites work for us!”  That is the spin this administration puts on this system.  Let me re-phrase what it really means, “Let the whites work for us and we will give them a six figure salary and support them in the oppression of our Choctaw workers!”  Lets see them put the truth on a billboard.