Halito Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to expand a little on the Indian Health Service offering services to people with very little indian blood.  I stated that if the CNO went to blood quantum limits then the IHS would still honor their CDIB and they could receive services.  This isn’t correct.

A CDIB is different from Tribal Membership, thank you “Sweet Bear” for clearing this up for me:

“That is the difference between a CDIB and tribal membership. A CDIB only states your degree of Indian blood. But most tribes, Choctaws included, require you to exclusively enroll in their tribe. That is tribal membership. And tribal membership is what is required to get services, because services are the result of either the tribe’s inherent power, or the federal-tribal relationship. It used to be that a CDIB was all that was needed to obtain services. But now many services also require tribal membership as well. That is why it may be inaccurate to say that folks can keep using IHS, for instance, because they have a CDIB, even if they lose tribal membership via a blood quantum requirement.” 

S. Bear

Now, S. Bear went on to say that the IHS tries to honor tribes who do have blood quantum limits for example if the Delaware have a tribal blood quantum limit of 1/8 (and they do) then the IHS would honor the tribal cut off point and deny services.

I wanted also to share with you via Wikepedia other tribal blood quantum requirements including the Choctaw requirement of lineage:

Tribes requiring 1/2 degree blood quantum for membership

(equivalent to one parent)

Tribes requiring 1/4 degree blood quantum for membership

(equivalent to one grandparent)

Tribes requiring 1/8 degree blood quantum for membership

(equivalent to one great-grandparent)

Tribes requiring 1/16 degree blood quantum for membership

(equivalent to one great-great-grandparent)

Tribes requiring 1/32 degree blood quantum for membership

Tribes determining membership by lineal descent

These tribes do not have a minimum blood quantum requirement; however, this does not mean anyone with any amount of Indian blood can enroll. Members must be direct descendants of original enrollees.