Halito Brothers and Sisters,

I appreciate your patience in waiting for a new blog post.  I have had much time to think about our rights as Chahta people.  I have had time to mull over such issues as blood quantum, our constitution and the difficulties of starting a new political party within the Chahta Nation.  As surely as Chahta blood pumps through my veins I have many times wanted to stop and walk away from the revolution taking place within our tribe.

Our Choctaw Voting Block members range from traditionalists to conformists to professionals but we all have one thing in common: our love for the people.  It is this that keeps me, personally in the movement.  Do we all agree on how to make the change?  Yes we do.  We know we must vote out this administration who degrades their own people and caters to non-Chahta leadership.  We know we must do this, yet when you are fighting a system that seems to hold all the voting and communication cards the task seems difficult.

There are some things that need to be said and I have decided to say them because I have no intention of running for any office (at this time- never say never).  The words I say are my own and not all in the party agree with them.

To begin with the CNO needs a blood quantum limit for tribal membership.  This shocks most people and people within my own political party are afraid to even whisper such a thing.  They are not afraid because they feel it is the wrong thing to do they are afraid because people with very little Chahta blood control our elections.  Most of these 1/1000th Choctaws do not and have never lived among the people on our old reservation lands nor were they raised Chahta.  I would rather embrace the adopted non-Chahta who was raised among us and grew to love the Chahta people than have Chahta’s with little blood control our elections.  For one thing they tend to believe the propaganda machine because that’s all they know.  They control our leadership and yet don’t have to live with the consequences.  I used to believe the blood quantum should be 1/4 but believe it or not it would take only a few generations to run out of Chahta people.  Now I am more inclined to support 1/32.  Even at this figure we would save so much money and would be able to actually empower, truly empower Chahta people through programs designed for entrepreneurship, home ownership, health and education.  We have all those things now in little doses here and there but not like it could be if we weren’t taking care of all who claim the blood.

Those of you who are of little blood.  These opinions are not to diminish you in any way.  I am not in the business to take people’s pride in their Chahta heritage away from them.  You would still be able to use the Indian Health Service and that is no minor thing with today’s healthcare costs.  You must understand our leadership has been over run by those with no love for our people and we need to clean house and the only way to truly cleanse ourselves of the parasites is to take back the voting power and give it to those who are actually governed by the CNO and that is the Chahta people who live and work here.  Those people who may not live here but grew up here and have relatives still within our old reservation boundaries.  In other words, those who are Chahta both in heart and blood. 

Next, our Chahta people are not a corporation as Gary Batton would have us believe.  We are families, clans and just because gaming has made our nation prosper it doesn’t mean we need or want to be run as if we were a corporation.  The HR Director before the non-Chahta Susan Stockton was also non-Chata.  They searched high and low to find this exceptional executive giving her a car and a big salary.  Her first agenda was to “diversify” the CNO.  No more Indian preference.  LAUGH OUT LOUD, yes diversifying in the corporate world is great, gives me warm fuzzies just to think about it but the U.S. Constitution gives American Indian tribes a certain status we should never EVER ignore – Indian preference.  After two months she left, only to be replaced with another one just like her but with less class.  Chief hailed her as top of her field in the United States.  I guess she was so qualified she failed to research and understand hundreds of years of history, death and famine that paid for our “preference”.  Gary Batton used to be good friends with one of our CVB board members and told him personally that we needed to get all the great corporate leaders to operate the different factions of the nation.  Well, they don’t know what it means to be Indian much less Chahta.  So how are they qualified to be OUR leaders?

My last rant will be very simple.  If you want to be involved and vote then you need to come home to do it.  If you don’t there is no telling how your vote will be counted and who it will count for.  You should be here to show your identification and I believe you know why.

My Chahta people be ready for the fight.  Register to vote.

Chi pisa la chike,