These are messages sent to me via Facebook.  Identifying information has been deleted to protect the Chahta tribal member.  Otherwise their words are their own.  Feel free to “friend” Choctaw Wright on Facebook.






“…i am full blood 4/4 all the way…im so darn aggrevated with our tribe !! i cannot wait till the time comes for the chocctawvotingblock takes over our tribe of our chata pple and lead us like we son works for the (deleted) casino been there (deleted) as a supervisor,,n them nahullos jus keeps passin him up for other better positions,,the halfbreed boss is so twoface they have to kiss her @&& to have what they want !! my son is a young man who is the nicest courteous person a mother could ask for,,he lives n (deleted) n has his own family to support..jus so he can keep his job he does not complain much for whatever hrs r days he has to work..he is treated like he has no fmly or a life of his own..cannot take sick or annual leave when requested bcuz the nahullos or favortism done got them days.has to come in own his day off for a one hr meetin..but what beats all is they gave him a point for takin off to go to( funeral),n takin his wife to an emergency hosp..when some of the employees are required to help are attend a funeral for higher up employees as a workin day..NOW THATS WHATS MESSED UP!! one of the manager was caught for dui n wrckin his private vehicle..n kept his position..then he was reported for sexuall harrasment to the halfbreed boss his close freind , then he jus gets demoted from manager to the reportees the repotee is so stressed thinkn about givin up her job..this same man dated a security lady and gives gher a hard time then she reports it to the same boss (his freind) he denies it then the security lady gets fired !! these are some of the complaints..i jus wanted to stress..for some of the employees..which none of these and more will not speak up in public or be recognize due to ther job..for my son is hangin by a thread..prayin for strength or another job ..which he loves his job, but not the way its operated..ive been talkn to him to jus hang on till choctaw wright , votin block gets in…i have more re: college ed , nthe hosp..but later onn that ..yakokee (deleted)”



“Crazy thing is how one lady seems to run the casino! And she is so hateful. And I don’t think she knows what she is doing! I could do her job, but would treat people with respect, honor, dignity and mentor them to become better people!”



 “May I ask what your name is? This really couldn’t have came along at a better time! I understand, but please forgive me for being skeptical of setup, as everything said on ur wall is true about our ppl… (this is part of a conversation and these are two separate statements from the same Chahta – CW)”



“Halito! now all prayer songs by our fire, will be of one voice of all nations To finish healing our web of life! thus continuing to strengthen our Sacred Hoop, yakoke”



“Halito,I just wanted to say how much I respect and thank you for what you are doing. I had a problem with the outreach dept. (deleted). (deleted section) both full blood Nahullos and was told there was nothing that could be done. I was going to MY TRIBE and being told by the Whites that there was nothing they could do. It has been 3 Yrs now and he still holds the Director Position. Trying to set an example for te Choctaw youth. While at the same time being 1200 dolllars behind in Child Support. What a great example he’s setting for his own child! Him and (deleted) are great friends and “have each other’s back” I don’t agree with how things are run but I’m only one voice. It’s all about who you know and how muuch kissing up to them you do. So if there is ever anything you need help with just let me know,I wld be happy to help in anyway I can!yakoki”



 (Two comments from same Chahta – CW)


“Agreed, we’ve (I myself and family) have suffered enough. Its time for a change…”, 


 “I am ready to share some of my story. I have been with CNO for (deleted) and interesting enough was turned down for a job by a non-CDIB holder while I was attending college. Many others were hired, all nahulos. When I finally did get hired it was entry level so I made just above minimum wage while others (nahulos) hired in at a higher rate. I was then transferred to another CNO entity and was forced to take a (deleted) pay cut and offered only grave yard. I have a college degree in (deleted was a professional four year degree) and was barely making $8/hr. The job I was given was for 3 people, I was not even allowed a desk of my own at first nor a computer, then I was expected to take over an entire dept in which I had no training. I conquered that and even begged for a raise up to (deleted). I have been fighting for my pay for sometime now. The job I do, is priced at triple what I make. My entity has hired two women in over me, in which both are non-tribal, yet I still do all the work. One was brought in from the outside the other was hired because her (deleted) is upper management. The overall disgusting part is, it kills them to pay me even decent, but yet they sent this non-CDIB person to training paid all of it and now pay her triple what I make. There are only (deleted) of us in my dept that are tribal and we make even less than our secretary.but yet we are the backbone and control millions and millions of CNO dollars. When brought to (deleted) attention, (the jackass) fought harder to deny me a raise than give me one to help. (Portion deleted) We work and still struggle to make it. I do the work of ten people, and I don’t even get a thank you, much less a pay raise.



“…maybe you can address this issue. when Chief goes to Texas are different states, he tells Choctaws that they can receive help. first time a card carrying choctaw calls from Texas, they are told you do not live in the 10 1/2 counties so we can’t help you. I’ve been at the Texas meetings and have heard what the Chief promises that it doesn’t matter where you live, they will help. If Texas is out of the 10 1/2 county which is obvious it, then why on Wednesdays there are several seniors from Texas come an eat at the Choctaw community Center? They even take advantage of getting free tickets to the concerts. they are usually the first to sign up.



“Has anyone noticed the new commercials the CNO has put out? WHAT IS UP? Why are creating commercials that are geared towards making Greg and Gary look indian? Are you guys afraid to show a full blood Chahta? You guys make us look like sellouts by not showing one full blood Chahta. I don’t have a problem with card carriers per se. But it seems like the Choctaw Nation is afraid to show an INDIAN. INDIAN AND PROUD OF IT!



(Three posts from same Chata – CW)


“What needs to be done and why has anyone not spoken up?”


“well the people sell there votes to who ever gives them the best deal. they will only go to a meeting if there serving food or giving door prizes away” (My Chahta people do we really sell ourselves so cheaply?  I pray it isn’t so.  CW)


Where are the jobs for the elders. They cant stand on their feet for eight hours day or night.  The tough thing now would be getting the brothers and sisters on board becuz this generation is lazy. They want work but want the reward.” (The younger generation – look around you and make a difference – CW)



“I’m a concerned Chahta and interested in change. I’ve experienced some of the nepotism and discrimination you’ve written about. I’d like to be involved. I’ve also written a paper on the Choctaw government and many of the constitutional violations the government commits. I’d like to share my paper and ideas with your organization. Email me back if you’re interested.”

Mr. K.

(Same chahta man, a keeper of our traditions – CW)

“Y should I vote and b a part of tha block ain’t nothing gunna chang were still vunna b choctaws dat works da low payin jobs cuz its still gunna b ran by non Choctaws”

“But still like u said everybody going choctaw.we can’t get any kinda of help when we call to durant they always have sum kinda of attitude kile da money is commin out of ther pockets”

“I’m proud to b choctaw ask xes white folks if there prourd to b chata.dur in it for tha money nt for tha tribe to them were juzt drunk ndns”

“And there takin our language from us to wat bot that how can we keep something that they just gunna take it from us to”

“Cuz tha reason I was sayin iz cuz I called tha durant office one time askin cor help and they told me that I can’t get any kinda of help untill next yr.and I applied at da casino down here in (deleted) ok cuz they was needin sum seurtiy gards and tbey told me that I wolud have to cut off my long hair in tha bk nw tell me that and that came from a chahta”



“I suppose she may have been right about my cents…after all, sharing is good!
I have been reading all your blog notes, and appreciate your updates. I believe we can no longer ignore what us going in in the absence of Chief Pyle. In fact, it is plain to see Chief Pyle’s role decreasing over time. I believe he is genuine and has perhaps been misled…
I am also a Chickasaw descendant, and the disparity in services between the two Tribes is appalling. I hear if Elders moving into the Chickasaw Nation to receive better services which is challenging to believe, but true. The recent talk of per cap’s for Elders gives me much hope…
I believe we need s better Master Apprentice program, like the Chickasaw Nation has set up, and an Immersion School. I am doing my utmost to be ready as I want to be involved in that!
I believe language revitalization is key and that in the future Tribes will be exterminated without it…
In regards to Blood Quantum, I hope to see more than anything a base of Citizens rolling up their sleeves to work, rather than people who take without returning the favor. Seeing graduates working for our Tribe, rather than saying thanks and good bye…perhaps this should be the norm rather than a rarity…
We should have the best health care, and I hope s University or College for our people. As I always say, the Sky is the Limit!

Chi pisa la chike!


“yakoke for getting back to me. i will do that. i have a cdib & membership card myself. i am a full blood Choctaw, half mississppi Choctaw & half ok Choctaw. I have worked for the nation twice but was treated bad & will not be hired back because most people that were in management didnt like my dad. he was a man that told you what was what & never sugar coated it. he always said it wasnt right having all these nahollos taking over our tribe, telling us what to do & stealing our lively hood to give to their own family, while Choctaws suffer. he never kissed ass (except mamas) & he never backed down from nobody! (portion deleted) dad tried to get things fixed through the nation, but it was like getting blood out of a turnip. i went to eastern state college through the nation for computer tech for 2 wks, then was pulled because the nation didnt have enough money for my education, but gave it to some nahollo.”

“…nation has done my family wrong all these years & im sick of it! have been & will always be! i am so proud to know you are one who is not afraid to stand up for us & fight for our God given rights & privileges! you can always depend on me to stand by you & all REAL CHOCTAWS! keep up the good work! we really need you! you have my full support in everything you do for us Choctaws! yakoke & God Bless!