Good evening Brothers and Sisters,

A wise and witty man once told me, “everyone should be arrested at least once”. I have never advocated being arrested or even close to being arrested but sometimes there is a higher calling to peaceful civil disobedience. In other words the laws are not always just and sometimes they are political in nature.

I would like to quote another Chahta brother’s posting from Facebook:

“When Hollis was Chief and Greg his Assistant we protested the non release of the TRIBAL VOTERS LIST. The tribe passed laws against distributing pamphlets. It violated the Indian Civil Rights Act and the Choctaw Constitution guarantee of freedom of speech. I was placed under arrest by tribal police. The BIA cop asked me if I was going to hand out and defy tribal law and I handed him the pamphlet when the tribe arrested me. Sixteen years ago.”

Nakfish (brother) you are lucky they didn’t have the armored vehicle at that time.  They probably would have ran you over with it.

Sixteen years ago.  We have been fighting for Chahta rights for more than sixteen years – way more.  Our tribe was split in two back in Mississippi and those who fought against removal stayed and we the western Chahta left losing almost a quarter of our tribe along the way.

Was the coerced removal lawful. Yes it was.  Was anyone prosecuted for the starvation or the loss of life due to freezing cold?  No it was just collateral damage.  Our ancestors survived the attempted genocide and we are their descendents.  So the “honorary” CDIB recipients should do the honorable thing and give them back and say “no I am not a member of the Chahta tribe”.  For those who were given CDIB’s just as a favor – they are not yours by birth so therefore they are fraudulent.

I am told that the CNO has started insisting on hiring more Chahta’s, that this blog has done some good.  I am glad to hear it.

My question is this, so why did it take this medium for you to start insisting on Chahta preference?  Did you forget where your brown skin came from?  And what of the Executive Directors who insisted CDIB holders were the biggest obstacles to the prosperity of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma?  Let me guess they are still drawing a big check.  Is this true change?  You and I know it’s not.

What this administration gives us, the Chahta people, is lip service while still withholding the voter’s registration list and still yet giving Chahta employees no rights organization.  They support those Director’s who are threatened by intelligent Chahta employees.  Director’s who aren’t Chahta.

I am going to say something very bluntly, which shouldn’t be a surprise.  We the Chahta people, the true Chahta people are sick and tired of unethical leadership.  We are sick of having the same administration in office who thought the sexual assault of Chahta and Nahullo women alike was their right as chief.  We are sick of non Chahta being given roles of leadership within our tribe.  We want to vote for our Chief and have this system of cherry picking a successor immediately stopped.  We want our jobs to go to OUR PEOPLE.  We want smart aleck non Chahta’s out of our government and certainly not supervising our people.  We want a balanced constitution that we actually follow.

So do we feel that these lofty ideals are worth being arrested, ridiculed and ostracized for?  You bet, our ancestors would expect no less.