Halito Brothers and Sisters!

hahahahahaha – I am laughing so hard this morning. I have been thinking about the new CNO armored vehicle since last night. CNO will use this armored vehicle to withstand heavy gunfire and bombs within the borders of the CNO. OR…they might loan it outside the area if they can drive.

hahahhahahaha – We all better look out, citizens here within the 10 1/2 counties. Now our administration has added a war machine to deal with our heavy gunfire! Hide grandmother. 🙂

You have got to be kidding me? Someone, anyone tell me the real reason behind this purchase? Tell me has the CNO public safety department been under heavy gunfire within our CNO borders lately? Maybe within the last ten years? EVER? Okay, so you got a grant from Homeland Security and your the public safety department what might you do with almost a half a million dollars? Hmmm lets see. You have to use it to help defend our USA in case it’s under attack. Hmmm yeah that’s a tough one. What would actually benefit our PEOPLE the most. Okay, bomb shelters across our counties they could also do double duty as tornado shelters. Lets see what else (thinking..thinking…) training some of our people to be emergency disaster leaders, protecting our water supplies from possible contamination with an underground filtering system. BUT Nah lets get one of those big armored vehicles like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Terminator!

So, as Gary Batton sits atop the armored vehicle (I’m just kidding he hasn’t- YET) and makes the parade route we still beg anyone (in state out of state) to take our Chahta orphans. While the SWAT team (oh yeah there’s a SWAT team as well) practices maneuvers in better bullet proof vests our people have their teeth pulled instead of being offered the option of a root canal. And finally as this administration flies around in planes and drives around in corvettes our people are being fired and their good names pulverized all while our Chahta people are being oppressed by a system that has forgotten who the system was created for.

Where I found humor a few moments before I now feel anger. I heard another story just last night and I have a message for the Naholo’s who read this blog. Listen carefully, you may have the upper hand right now and think you can treat the Chahta people who work beneath you like they are stupid. You may be able to laugh at them, lie about them, humiliate them but there will be a reckoning and when there is you will find yourself looking for a job and the ones you have oppressed will move forward as it should be.

To those who dread going to work each day. Hang on, stay within the CNO as long as you can stand it because the likelihood of them replacing you with another Chahta is slim and we actually need Chahta’s within the CNO. I don’t know about you but when my brothers and sisters need assistance from their nation in these hard times I would rather the person handling the paperwork or talking on the other end of that line be one of us.

We have got to rid ourselves of this administration and put the power back into the hands of our people. Join us.