22,230 is the amount of views as of 5:45 pm CST. July 20, 2012.

Let’s say every view was a person that would be 22,230 people, believe me I know not every view is a person but I want to make a point. If each view were a person and each person talked to ten Chahta’s about registering to vote and the Chahta Indian Rights Movement we would reach 222300 or two hundred twenty two thousand and three hundred Chahta people the approximate number of people who are legally identified (CDIB) as having Chahta descent.

I often hear from people who say there is nothing we can do. The administration and the system will never change. We will never be able to unseat them. Look at this my brothers and sisters and see the possibilities. We have one year to vote in new council members. We have approximately two years to vote in a new chief.

Own your ten and we will succeed.