Halito Brothers and Sisters,

As you have probably read we will be having a Choctaw Voting Block political party potluck supper, July 21st at McGee Chapel in Broken Bow Oklahoma.

It is time don’t you think to share food and talk of peaceful revolution?   Our party strengthens daily but as in any movement people surely have questions and valuable input on how they would like their Chahta Nation operated and represented.

As CVB numbers increase executive decisions decrease.  Decisions are now becoming the WILL of the Chahta people and we (the CVB Executive Board) will carry out that will to the best of our ability.  Within this party you are encouraged to voice your opinion and RUN FOR OFFICE.  As with other political parties within the United States our numbers are now large enough that our CVB members can vote in a preliminary race to choose from among several candidates for council and chief.  Once a candidate is chosen by our members then that candidate will run for office as the CVB candidate of choice.

Unlike the system currently in power at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma there will be no enormous fee for a CVB candidate to pitch their hat into the race.  Such filing fees should be illegal but right now they are just a little shady and designed to considerably narrow the potential candidates.

The meeting Saturday will not only be a political meeting, as a matter of record the most important outcome for Saturday will be registering voters.  I cannot stress the importance of our people exercising their right to vote.

Voting individually whether it be for the Apple (LOL…couldn’t resist) party or for the CVB party does something that we cannot, as Chahta people, put a price on.  Voting gives us back our voice, our democratic process and makes those who represent us accountable to US.