This announcement was written by Ben Carnes.  Hope to see you the 21st!



A Call to the Citizens of the Chahta (Choctaw) Nation!

Choctaw Voting Block

Voters Registration & Potluck Dinner

McGee Chapel – Broken Bow, OK
July 21 (Sat.)
 Meeting 5 PM (dinner 6:30 or 7 PM)

The Chahta People will be having council & Chief elections in the upcoming years, 2013 & 2015. As a people who survived the Trail of Tears and Death, we owe to our ancestors and future generations to shape our nation as we wish it, and that is an administration that is responsive and ACCOUNTABLE to the people!

We are all familiar with the problems, but let us come together and create our solutions together. It didn’t become this way overnight, and it will take time to bring our voices together from across our Chahta Nation and across the land so that we can state what we expect from future candidates; whether it is Constitutional Amendments, employee rights or modifying the way our elections operates.

Please tell your Chahta friends & relatives, even if they live in different districts, to come and join us for more information and a dinner, please bring a dish. For more information, Contact Ben between 6 PM & 7:30 PM about the meeting/dinner or Stephanie at 417-439-9791 about the meeting.

Directions: Traveling from either directions in Broken Bow on South Park (hwy 70/259), turn West on Memorial Rd. and then turn South (left) at “T” intersection on N4660 for 1/2 mile then turn West (right) on McGee Chapel Rd. Look for Chapel on right.

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