Good Morning Brothers and Sisters,

I was contacted today about the CNO requiring their employees to sign agreements that neither they nor their immediate families will go against the CNO in any way shape or form.  I was only notified of this from one source and do not as yet know if this is CNO wide or one department or one executive director or one director’s objective.

So, let’s assume this is true information.  I have written about freedom of speech before but I will lightly touch on it again.  Both the Choctaw Constitution and the United States Constitution provide protection for freedom of speech.  For any of us (Chahta’s) to be given a directive to not go against the CNO is grounds for impeachment.  To muffle the voice of the people the CNO is charged to represent is grounds for impeachment ( I thought it was worth repeating).

More and more I am convinced that the CNO has rejected democracy for a more socialist track.  Gone is our ability to vote for candidates and gone is our ability to now voice our opinions and reveal the truth concerning CNO leadership.  I believe it is only because we are afforded the protection of living within the United States borders that we are not being arrested, run over by tanks or imprisoned for freedom of expression.

Not only is the Biskinik a propaganda machine but attempting to stifle all disagreeing voices sounds more like the dictatorships of Europe’s eastern block than the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

What will you do next?  Sue us as you have done others for treason?  You are already threatening our Chahta families with loss of employment or our loved ones with loss of employment.

Let’s look at this Chahta people.  Instead of cooperation for the empowerment of the people, instead of putting the power back into the hands of the people, instead of supporting the people’s wishes this administration chooses the much more difficult route of defying the people.  They do this with intimidation and propaganda.  They do this by making the revolutionary road as difficult as possible and why?  Because absolute power corrupts even some of the most pure of heart.

We must rid ourselves of this Mao’ist dictatorship.  We must rid ourselves of our own little Stalin and remove the interlopers from our nation.  We have no choice if we value our rights as Chahtas.