This post was recently found on Greg Pyle’s Facebook page and brought to my attention by a CVB Executive Board member.

Hi i know you dont me, i am a disable exchoctaw emp, i worked for the casino until i got sick, and was treatd bad, so now that im sick, i havnt got to work in two years, with no disability help, i hate to have to beg but, i guess ill contact you, th mayor, the congressman, and any news crew that could help, any help would be a blessing thank you sir. Timothy Christopher Gibson”

Mr. Gibson when you contact Greg Pyle via Facebook you don’t really talk to him.  His social network is operated by someone else.  I have seen people begging for help for housing, medical and many other things.  I don’t know how they turn out.  I don’t know if whoever is monitoring the facebook account lets Gary Batton know or not since it is really him who is operating as chief now.

My heart goes out to you.  I know how it feels to make those really tough decisions of how to keep your water and lights on verses buying groceries.

I say this to you Gary Batton HELP THIS CHAHTA MAN!  The CNO has the resources.

Mr. Gibson I hope you get the help you need and you will be in my prayers.