Good Afternoon Sisters and Brothers,

Choctaw Voting Block political party candidates must be ready to start campaigning now.  They must agree to CVB goals, values and objectives and be ready to talk to a lot of Chahta people.

A very well thought of Chahta man said it was time to stop straddling the fence and embrace ethical change or remain in the same quagmire of selfish greed we have been in for decades.

You, as a Chahta person, when was the last time you actually got to vote for a chief candidate?  The last and only person to run against Greg Pyle was Doug Dry and very few people even knew he was running.  Why?  He couldn’t get the voters complete registration list so the Chahta people would know his guiding principles.  Also, the absentee ballots were “mismanaged” with very little over site by the election board.  Meanwhile the Biskinik proclaims Pyle to be so good no one wants to run against him.  Uneven playing field, plus a $5000 dollar fee to run, plus monies to campaign – no wonder no one else wants to sign up for the run.

Hollis Roberts put Greg Pyle into office.  Greg Pyle in turn will put Gary Batton in office.  This isn’t a democracy its a dynasty wherein the people have lost their right to a free and ethical election.

Lets look at this fence.  On one side you have the same old system that has been in place for decades since the Roberts regime.  They balk at the Chahta constitution, they refuse to level the election playing field, they embrace Nahullo’s as if we are unintelligent and unworthy to govern ourselves, they are not transparent with Chahta funds, they allow the abuse of our people and that is only the beginning.  What Chahta would want to remain in this system?

On the other side of the fence is a chance for true change.  In any political system when a political party embraces term limits, transparent accountability, Chahta pension and empowerment of its people – one should stop and listen.

WE are at a unique crossroads – we do not have to subject ourselves or our descendents to this tyranny anymore.  By firmly standing on the CVB side of the fence you take a stand not only for yourselves but for your people for generations to come, that is the true 100 year vision making sure the Chahta Nation of Oklahoma is preserved and loved by Chahta people.  We have the intelligence and most importantly we have the heart.