Halito Sisters and Brothers achime a chukma!

We the Chahta people who are the body of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma have asked for the following:

1.  The voter’s registration list

2.  A Chahta employee rights organization separate from ALL current HR offices

3.  A special election to vote in our chief, once Chief steps down

4.  Something to be done about the unethical non-Chahta leaders


This is what we hear from the current administration headed by Gary Batton:

(crickets chirping – maybe a lot of WIND blowing).

Here are a few items you will never receive as long as this administration stays in power:

1.  No elderly pension

2.  No advocate if you are Chahta and work for your nation

3.  No representation outside of CNO boundaries

4.  No balanced constitution

5.  No democratic process for electing a chief


The CVB still needs candidates for council.  If you decide to become a candidate you won’t be alone.  The CVB will help with your campaign.  We have a candidate for District 9.

Now is the time to take a stand.