Good evening brothers and sisters,

I want to talk about how important a tribal newspaper is to the unity and communications of a tribe.  The integrity and freedom of thought that is essential for accurate communication is lost when the main source of information is nothing more than a sunshine filled propaganda tool.

Propaganda is just another more sophisticated word for spoon fed BS.  A Chahta citizen inquired to a member of Chief’s office why don’t you publish any type of disagreement, complaints, differing thought or questioning in the Biskinik?  The individual laughed at him and said “Why would I do that”. 

Recently, Chief’s office sent out an announcement about our Chief having hepatitis B and that he needed recuperation time at home and would be working from there. Gary Batton would be acting chief while he was recovering. 

The message was meant to reassure the masses.  ONLY….I don’t think whoever actually wrote the message bothered to check and see what having  hepatitis B really meant.  I guess the old assumptions about Choctaw intelligence were still at play.  Maybe the thought was that we tribal members are too pitiful to realize or to find out that hepatitis B is contracted intravenously or through sexual contact.  ????  Come on if a person did really have the disease would said person want it announced to the public?  Give me and all Choctaw members a break from the BS nahullo CRAP!

I would rather know my chief has Alzheimer’s than be fed a load of lies.  His staff used to search for him because he would disappear with appointments waiting for him.  I am told that at times they would find him in the closet giving a speech.  My question is to those who are supposed to “protect” him – you would rather we think he has a sexually/intravenous disease than know the truth? 

There is a reason you don’t see healthy dialogue in the Biskinik because just like the hepatitis announcement – they don’t want you to know the truth.  That simple.