Friends, family, brothers and sisters I want to update you on our first official meeting 0f the Executive Board of the Choctaw Voting Block Political Party.  To carve aside time for that many people taking into account each other’s schedules was no easy task but we finally were able to meet face to face instead of our online virtual meeting “room”.

Since this was our first face to face meeting we shared our individual stories of growing up amongst the Chahta people and our dealings with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  As the evening continued it became very clear that our mutual goal is to better the Chahta Nation for our people.  The acting chief’s office has put out the word that we are just a group of digruntled employees.  That may be true in my case but over half the executive board have never worked for the CNO.

Out of my digruntlement came the seeds of change.  We are organizing, we have a plan and a strategy.  What the Choctaw Voting Block Political Party is about to do is an undertaking that will take determination and committment.  I would like to share with you the preliminary goals of our party.


  • To evoke a more balanced system of Chahta government
  • To empower Chahta citizens through the creation of the Chahta Employee Rights Organization
  • To protect our tribal sovereignty in all manner of interactions
  • To evoke term limits
  • To implement an elder pension
  • To empower Chahta people as managers, directors and executive directors
  • To operate with transparency, releasing budgets and processes as freedom of information
  • To make it clear to all who work for the Chahta Nation of Oklahoma that they work for our people
  • To change the name of the tribal paper to “The Chahta Advocate” (giving a voice to all who may agree or disagree with CNO government)
  • To make the learning of our history, language and traditions paramount
  • To increase communication mediums to all Chahta citizens around the globe

These are preliminary goals and I am sure they will change as we dive into getting voters registered, fighting for the voters registration list, establishing a non-profit, fund raising and devising a communications plan- just to name a few.

The Choctaw Employee Rights Organization and constitutional revisions emerged as the cornerstones of the CVB party and any Chahta that wishes to run for election as a CVB candidate must agree to the CVB party goals and objectives.

Other strong possibilities in the goals department include representatives for areas outside of the 10 -1/2 counties and the formation of an unbiased, unduly influenced election board.

An interesting point was made at Friday’s meeting.  The constitution hasn’t been changed since 1983 and that change was very little.  Our nation is different now with almost a quarter of a million members and billions of dollars in assets.  The constitution has been stifled and relegated to near death by people who covet power and money.  We need and we want to use the constitution as a guide and a framework so we never find ourselves outsiders within our own nation again.

So, Sisters and Brothers our first step is registering to vote not only making sure we are registered ourselves but that ten of our relatives or friends are as well.