A non-Chahta in his late twenties was made a Director.  I cannot say for certain but it is believed he was made a director because his mother in law (non-Chahta) has a very high level job with the Chief (Greg Pyle not acting chief Gary Batton).  This young man has a bright future and has served our country honorably.  His sister-in-law (non-Chahta) also has a bright future with the CNO.  In fact, these family members (non-Chahta family) have high paying top level jobs.

Sounds great doesn’t it?  It is as long as this administration is in power they are safe despite the potty mouth (sister in law likes to use the F bomb) and the consistent flubs due to inexperience.  For example bulldozing headfirst into an intranet and getting some $170,000.00 and change into it before the idea was nixed because the over zealous youth – well it wasn’t his department so power struggles and proverbial spittin’ contests cost the Chahta people the aforementioned figure.  Nothing done.

The new Director decided employees needed personality assessments.  Assessments can be wonderful tools.  They can give direction and can provide insight not only to the organization giving the assessment but the person who has taken the assessment.  The oldest most respected assessment costs about $14 dollars per/person if they take the paper version and a mid 20’s cost for an online assessment.  Our youthful lad spent some @200 plus per/person.  As the price tag reached around $300,000 the plug was finally pulled.  One of the many reasons it was pulled was that it was implying some of our sweetest tribal members were on the verge of becoming serial killers.  🙂

What do you think should happen to our bright futured guy?  This non-Chahta has been given a new Directorship and makes a nice healthy salary to support his growing family.  After some $470,000 some odd dollars have been thrown away.  This after some twenty plus tribal members have been fired for reasons running from not filling out mileage sheets correctly to having secret meetings (that one is so funny since the “secret” meeting was immediately reported to the Director with an update about what was discussed).  Oh and I almost forgot about the tribal members who have been fired for having the audacity to do their jobs too well!

If you could see me you would see laughing and head shaking.  It’s just so outrageous it’s almost funny.  I just don’t get it.  Anyone who is elected to their position should have to answer to the people who vote them in.  What this administration is doing is ludicrous!  What is the strategy here?

All you Chahta’s who work the low paying jobs and barely make ends meet.  All you Chahta’s who work for the CNO and get your arse handed to you because you are a threat.  This isn’t the way it should be.  We, the Choctaw Voting Block party have a candidate for Chief.  He is an honorable man and he complies and agrees with the goals and values of the pro-Chahta political party.  He has grown up with you and I.  He has had his struggles and his successes.  Most importantly he would see to it these things you have to endure were a thing of the past.

Chi Pisa La Chike,