A reader named James posted comments to a couple of the blog postings.  He used a term that really connected with me and I am sure Sisters and Brothers it will connect with you as well.  He used the term “instant indian”.  He used it in connection with vote promises.  You know, those things promised to the voting populous if only they will vote for the correct candidate.

Most who read this blog are not instant indians.  Our forefathers and foremothers experienced loss, lots and lots of loss.  From the very first contact with Europeans we started dying like proverbial flies due to their diseases.  As time wore on we lost our ancestral Mississippi homeland and many of our people died on the trail with no food, no blankets, no shelter.

Personally, my grandfather took a shotgun to the bus that drove up to his home to take his children without my grandparents permission to the boarding schools.  He could have went to prison for just wanting to keep his children.  Later my grandparents would have to go before the school board so their youngest daughter and her Chahta friends could play basketball with the small town team.

No Nahullo’s wanted to be indian back in those days.  It’s funny now “Everybody’s Goin’ Choctaw”.

The Executive Committee meets this week to discuss changes to the constitution, to finalize our written political material and plan the next 12 months.  We, born and bred indians have decided Chahta’s should operate the future Chahta Nation of Oklahoma.  You know what our promises are Sisters and Brothers?  Our promises are to be pro Chahta plain and simple.  We will educate and prepare Chahta’s to lead the Chahta Nation with Chahta empowerment as the number one goal.  All the good that is within the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma now will remain but the rest will certainly go.

I will keep you updated on our progress and after the changes are ratified and the political written material is approved you will see our mission.

Chi pisa la chike,