Halito Brothers and Sisters,

I just received word today that Batton is now the unofficial head of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  There are many prayers going to our Creator for Chief Gregory Pyle’s recovery and one of those prayers is mine.  Although I may not agree with some decisions those decisions are at a political level and on a personal level I believe Greg Pyle loves the Chahta people.

I also believe Batton loves the people however his trust lies with the wrong administrators.  His flaw is believing the people should be cared for and given handouts instead of empowerment and hand ups.

I was reading a post by a young man and you could sense in his writing that he needed his tribe to believe in him.  He needed that hand up and not just a block of cheese.  (I must say, however that commodity cheese is the BEST).  I digress, I bet if you said to this young man – leave the drugs, leave the drink, leave the pain, leave the bad memories, leave the anger and step up to make a difference for your people that he would.  Maybe I am naive and unsophisticated but I believe he would.

Your medicine Nakfish is within you!  Claim it.  You don’t have to live without direction or productivity because God made you a strong Chahta man and there are so few that exist in this world.  The road is hard and don’t look for it to ever be easy and when you are faced with that right or wrong decision you make the decision that feeds the good Chahta man who lives within you.  WE believe you can.

To all of you that have contacted me with your stories, your conversations and your need to make a difference I sincerely yakoke.  We are turning a corner in our Nation’s history and i know you feel it too. For those of you who say, “I don’t like it but what can you do?”, I say you can do this:  VOTE-  be ready to VOTE and spread the word to every cousin, aunt, grandmother, grandfather….etc.  We are a tribe made up of clans whose clans are made up of families.  We have been this way for hundreds of years, the power to make change is OURS.  Hear this Nahullo “the power to make change is OURS”!