Sidebar:  Sad post to write but somebody’s got to.

In the past few decades we have watched Gregory Pyle evolve into a leader we have grown comfortable with.  Despite preferring to hire Nahullo’s in higher positions of management I feel he loves the Chahta in his own way.  I would prefer to see him retire than face possible impeachment.  I would like to see him leave the CNO with dignity for the many things he did accomplish.

Why are some pushing for impeachment?  Our Chahta constitution says (I am paraphrasing) that if a chief is impaired he can be removed from office.  This idea of impeachment saddens me but the suggestion brought to our attention from other readers cannot be ignored. The Chahta people cannot be ignored any longer.

We don’t want Batton, not just the Choctaw Voting Block party members but many others who are deciding which way to go. If we have four more years of Batton there is no telling how many Chahta people will lose their livelihood and as in the blog post “Another Batton Firing”, medical insurance.  Our people cannot take another four years of Nahullo rule from a man who continues to ignore Chahta pleas for true empowerment.  Forget true empowerment – DO SOMETHING TO STOP THE TYRANNY!

I had lunch this week with the Choctaw Delegate for our young people and one of our candidates for council.  This is just a portion of what was said by our candidate, “Chief used to make his own decisions.  Now he lets those people around him make all the decisions.  It’s sad to see those people take advantage of his illness”.  We were all quiet because it was true.

Chief, I know your office reads this blog and I don’t know if you are reading it personally but we don’t want to impeach you to get rid of Batton.  If you are indeed going to retire or you are ill please give your people a chance to vote for the Chief who will follow you.  Trust the Chahta people to make their choice don’t force this man down our throat.  He has proved over and over that he finds us unworthy of even the simplest of answers.  One of our brightest stars requested to only know why he was terminated and he wasn’t given an answer and still to this day doesn’t know.  You didn’t know he was fired either or you wouldn’t have contacted him to see when you and he would be leaving for the awards ceremony only days after he was fired.  You didn’t know – and that’s one of many reasons we know you are stepping back and letting Batton step forward.

Chief it isn’t you we want to impeach it’s him.  He is not our champion.  We request a special election if you do decide to step down.