Imagine if you will being in lots of pain in your muscles and deep within your bones.  You are in so much pain you can’t make it through a full work day.  You start to panic because the many doctor appointments and days off are making you uneasy.  Your annual leave runs out.  Your sick leave is used up completely.  You are afraid you will lose your job but even more so you are afraid because you lost a sibling who was only in their early 40’s.  Could this be the same horrible disease?

You are asked to take short term disability but as insurance companies tend to do they have denied it.  After all you have no official diagnosis.  Other organizations such as the Indian Health Service have programs to help people with such an illness.  Sometimes they are allowed to accept donations from other employees who have lots of sick leave and are in danger of losing it anyway.

None of this was done.  With doctor co-pays piling up and still no diagnosis Gary Batton’s administration fired this Chahta ohoyo without blinking.  After all wasn’t it Susan Stockton who flippently bragged about having no qualms about firing anyone, “…send em’ to me I’ll fire em’….”.  Gary Batton whose own wife has an immune system disease but hey she’s got insurance.

You know you sign off on the firings Mr. Batton.

What would the Choctaw Employee Rights Organization have done in this case?  The CERO would have assisted her in every way possible insuring she had all the information and tools available to receive her short term disability.  It would have been the RIGHT thing to do after many years of service.

You can bet an administration controlled by the Choctaw Voting Block candidate wouldn’t tolerate an Executive Director of Human Resources bragging about the coldness of her firing ability.

Why does our administration allow such behavior from a non-Chahta?  Why are the two directors in Human Resources allowed to go against Policy and Procedure when it suits them?  Why does he allow such abuse from one of his highest offices?  It’s almost as if he feels HE needs to impress THEM!

Find your backbone Sir!  Stop this treasoness compliance.  What has happened to this ohoyo, one of your own people, is against your own!