I recently read a post by a young Chahta person who found it difficult to show respect to people expressing their views on the perceived lack of indian intelligence.  This mindset infuriates me and begs the question, how long does it take to recover from an attempted genocide?  How long does it take to recover from our children being taken from our grandmothers and grandfathers only two generations ago and put into boarding schools to assimilate to nahullo society?  How long does it take to heal from being punished severely for speaking the language of our ancestors?

Let me tell you why these questions are still relevent and important.  Because to heal and prosper from such atrocities takes GENERATIONS.  Where do you think these haters originally heard those first words of hate for indian people?  I would make an educated guess that the disdain for indians is a learned behavior from their parents/relatives who in turn heard it from their parents/relatives.  So we go back three to four generations to a race of people who wanted land, who coveted above all else prosperity and the easiest way to get what they wanted was to make the indian people less than what they were in the eyes of not only the dominant society but to the indians themselves.  This has been going on for generations.  We were the last to gain citizenship (1924).  Our religions were touted as heathen and savage AND were illegal until only recently.  Our ancestors style of dress, mode of housing and traditions were all declared uncivilized and inferior and like the propensity for inherited traits this feeling of inferiority has been passed down through the generations to our young people.  It may not look or feel quite the same but believe me it’s the same old “you are but a savage” mentality that was in place 200 years ago.

Just because we are a quiet and unassuming people doesn’t mean we won’t stand up.  Just because we are peace-loving and introverted doesn’t mean we won’t take back what is ours.  Just because our leadership has let the Nahullo’s infiltrate our home doesn’t mean we won’t take it back.

Listen to me young Chahta men and women you must prepare yourselves to become involved and lead our people.  Not only lead our people into the future but lead our people with ethics, honesty and unprecedented integrity.  I for one believe we can set the foundation for generations to come in the very near future.  What we need are leaders who never take their eyes away from the future of our people.  What we need are leaders who are not the puppets of the greedy nahullo’s.  What we need is to never lose our pride in being Chahta!  Let the haters show their ignorance because they are only trying to make themselves feel better for you as young Chahta’s are going to be the future of the Chahta Nation.