Good morning Sisters and Brothers,

If you have not “friended” Choctaw Wright on Facebook you are missing out on many good conversations discussing the topics posted to this blog.  Here is an example concerning the post “Felons”:

DM:  Most often, CN does not hire Chahta felons. There are non-Chahta felons currently employed for CN. Also, there are numerous employed that were never prosecuted in any court of law that have commited viscious felonies, ranging from grand theft to hate crimes. If you are connected powerfully, you live lawlessly because you are politicaly exempt. This must change.

SS:  It’s not just CN! It’s everywhere . BUT, that person must want to change and make better. I know this, I’m an ex felon , did a six year sentence for gangs and havin a gun on school property in 96, now I work at the (deleted to protect SS) of the Choctaw Nation as a mentor coordinator. So don’t say you can’t work for the nation. O, and I did get a college degree since I been out.

Choctaw Wright:  Stanley, I commend you brother and you are exactly what I am talking about.  Now, I don’t know how long or how you got your position but the official policy is “no hiring felons” and I know many Chahta’s who haven’t been as lucky as you.  You are right, the person must want a good productive life and you are doing such good work – that is why I say you are the example I would give for the argument of getting rid of the policy especially since the policy is followed in some cases and not in others.  As a matter of fact, a person with your background and your experiences is the best one for the position you are in.  Good for you Stan.

DM Yakoke sister for saying what others are too intimidated or scared to say.  And I know you have been in positions across the nation to have seen much.  You are right it’s time for change.  It’s time to give everyone the same opportunities as SS.  It’s time our leaders become pro-Chahta across the board.

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