Sisters and Brothers,

A young person has stepped forward to be the Chahta Voting Block Party delegate for those Chahta people age thirty and below.  This young person has an interesting story

The Chahta worked at one of the Casino’s.  The person failed a drug test due to marijuana he/she was subsequently fired.  He/she was fired for breaking policy and procedure an act also committed by other’s on the directorship level (hiring a felon).  Back to our young Chahta, he/she went to rehab and stopped smoking pot.  She/he begged for the job back and was told he/she could never for the rest of their life work for the CNO.  He/she takes total responsibility for his/her actions.  He or she was 20 at the time, 20!  How many of us at 20 always made good decisions?  Life is a classroom and their will be good lessons and bad.  The key is to take your lessons and learn from them which is exactly what this young person has done.  No longer working for the CNO he/she feels there is nothing the CNO can do to him/her now and feels very strongly about the principles and goals of the Chahta Voting Block Party.

This young person believes the key to the election may be the young Chahta voter because of the power of the social networks.  This person has big plans to use all the technology possible and to go door to door if need be.  He/she takes total responsibility for his/her actions.   You see this person is a Chahta leader in the making despite being exiled from making his living among the people.