The CNO has a new program called “Hire Choctaws”.  I applaud this new program.  I only have a few questions.

1.  Exactly what level of jobs?  For example, are these techinical, managerial or director positions?

2.  Why wasn’t this type of program created and put into place much earlier than April 2012?

3.  Is this a new CNO directive?  Meaning, are there consequences for not hiring Chahta’s enforced by Batton?

4.  What about the abuse and oppression suffered by Chahta’s who are currently employed with the CNO?

5.  Has a pipleline/succession planning for Chahta employees been implemented?

So, the multitude of Chahta’s who have lost their jobs, their homes, their means of transportation and their reputations, what about them?  For the Chahta’s who suffer abuse almost every working day, what’s the plan for them?  Are you going to send them to their “safe place”?  A safe place directed by unethical, policy and procedure defying leadership with a non-Chahta executive director?  The “Hire Choctaws”, department is directed by a non-Chahta who hired his spouse and oversees his spouse (against P&P) and his Executive Director is also non-Chahta.

Why now assistant chief?  Is it because you are just now realizing that Chahta people are tired of the state of affairs?  You have worked for the CNO most of your adult life and you are just now realizing this?  I think it’s something more,  it is just my opinion, you surround yourself with non-Chahta’s because you don’t think the Chahta people will do anything about it.

Brothers and Sisters you will see this administration scrambling to appear to be pro-Chahta but as long as an independent organization such as the Choctaw Employee Rights Organization is not implemented it’s just crumbs to pacify those who question the practices of this administration.  Am I rooting for the new program, you bet I am but it’s not enough.  Once Batton becomes chief his place will be solidified and you will see, as you do now, that programs such as this are shallow and don’t seek to address the bigger issue.  Chahta people should run the Chahta nation and we need a Chief who supports that concept instead of  a future chief who continues to support the decisions of unethical executive directors.