So if you are going to kick out every non Chahta and have only Chahtas working at the Choctaw Nation then why would you need to encourage the employees to report all abuse, fraud and oppression. (I have said in previous blog posts, on numerous occassions that we do not have enough qualified Chahta’s for every job position.  What I am talking about could be compared to a “glass ceiling” where once Non-Chahta’s get into positions of power they attempt to “lock out” the Chahta people.  It’s human nature really to want to preserve your livelihood and secure your position.  As for reporting abuse, fraud and oppression – yes to allow the systematic abuse of Chahta employees and any employee is unforgiveable.  If someone were abusing you wouldn’t you want to be able to stop the abuse? MW)  All along you act like non Chahta’s that are in high positions are doing all of the abuse.  So are you saying that Chahtas are going to abuse another Chahta?  (I assume your sentence should read:  “So you are saying that Chahtas are NOT going to abuse another Chahta?”).  It is once again human nature for some folks to abuse their power.  For example, a Chahta going against policy and procedure and hiring a felon because the felon is her friend.  Now, I believe when a person makes a mistake and they pay their debt to society and the behavior isn’t a set pattern of living then they should be given an opportunity to have a job at the CNO.  What I don’t think is right is one woman having the power to go against the policies and procedures when it suits her (where is HER pink slip).  So, yes because we are human beings there will always be abuse of power no matter what the race.  The difference is this, for the example given, that woman is Chahta and should be put into a different position where she doesn’t have the power to hire a friend/felon in the first place or she should retire.  Plus, their should be professional development and concrete policy and procedure indoctrination especially for Chahta tribal members this would provide a firm foundation of expectations and boundaries.  I believe if OUR people are introduced to and provided the tools to lead they would rise to the occasion. MW)