Just what has Gary Batton done that is so terrible. You don’t think that the Nahollos and Choctaws can work together. (The CNO exists because of the sovereignty of the Chahta tribe.  Of course non-Chahta’s and Chahta’s can work together but as in the Chickasaw Nation non-Chahta’s should always be aware that there is Chahta preference.  In a tribe it is not equal.  If it is equal then that cancels out our sovereign rights to govern ourselves something that our forefathers worked very hard to attain for us.  MW) What if every company felt that way about the people that came and applied for a job, “oh I’m sorry you aren’t the right race so you can’t work here”. (Once again, this is not “every company” it is a sovereign dependent nation within a nation.  Our Chahta preference is the backbone of self-governance and if we have leadership who doesn’t feel or trust us to run our own government then it might as well be the 1820’s all over again-MW)  Just how in the world do you think a Nahollo can take over the Choctaw Nation? (Have you heard the phrase “Puppet Master”?)  You are just mad because you got fired get over it and move on. (Yakoke to you for proving my point.  When a Chahta is fired you would have us go away and get over it.  We are to go away and let injustice, oppression and intimidation rule.  It is our nation and any non-Chahta would WANT us to go away and get over it, now wouldn’t they?  I understand you are scared of losing your job but you can’t see that we do what we do for your Chahta descendents).