“What you are talking about brave man happens all over the Choctaw Nation.  I have family all over and some work for the nation and others can’t get an interview.  I worry about my own job?  How long will I last?  My boss acts like she can do anything she wants.  She is no more qualified than I am.  I have been here longer than she has and yet the Nahollo has me a Choctaw to do her work.”  

M & M

M, I hope when I say this it doesn’t sound like a broke record but I’m going to say it anyway.  As long as batton is our chief (and believe me he is even NOW) your job will not be as safe as it will be with a Choctaw Voting Block candidate at the helm.

First of all, within the first few weeks of a CVB candidate as Chief there will be significant changes.  To begin with the Choctaw Constitution will be amended (that’s why it’s so important to replace the council so we can begin to immediately enact significant change) to protect the rights of the Choctaw people by redesigning the job descriptions of our leaders.

There will also be numerous job openings within the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  Higher level/mid-level and ground level jobs previous held by non-Chahta’s will be opened up to the most qualified Chahta people.  Auditor’s will be hired to pour over each and every department and division within the new Chahta Nation.  Chahta’s will be truly encouraged to report abuse, fraud and oppression and each report will be investigated and acted upon without violating confidentiality.

Qualified Chahta’s within our borders and from all over the world will be encouraged with incentives to “come home” and help operate the CNO.  The Choctaw Employee Rights Organization will immediately be established separately from the Human Resource office.  The CERO will only report to Chief, Council and Assistant Chief.  The CERO’s sole purpose will be to protect the employment, the education, the training and the employment tracking of Chahta tribal citizens.  One of CERO’s main goals would be to mentor and create a pipeline of Chahta’s for leadership positions within the Chahta Nation of Oklahoma.

There will be much much more to do once our candidate is Chief but I want each and every one of my Sisters and Brothers to hear this:  You are a target in this administration.  If you want true stability, opportunity for advancement, and appreciation for a job/purpose well done then it’s simple.  Join us because we understand who you are in relation to our tribe.  This is OUR tribe and we will rise to the task of taking it back.