Brothers and Sisters,

We have surpassed 10,000 views!  Also, motivated Chahta’s are spreading the word about this decidedly non-Chahta administration and their lack of respect for Chahta employees.

Someone close to me is amazed at the blog’s success.  My answer was this:  No one would be reading the content of this blog if the current administration did what they were elected to do, empower the Chahta people.

When you see your relatives, friends and other Chahta’s being oppressed, demoted and fired it stays with you.  Lots of people have said “I know what goes on but what can we do about it?”.  Listen with your hearts my people and know we can make the change because our motives are good and our intentions are true.  Our powerful votes are anonymous and if we stay the course our votes will rid us of the Nahollo majority that operates OUR nation.

Together we WILL take back our Choctaw Nation,