In any organization there is human behavior.  There are untruths, power plays, prejudices and extra-marital affairs.  The CNO is no different.  If we were cleaning house for the aforementioned offenses there wouldn’t be very many ED’s left and we would be almost leaderless from the very top through the base of the organization.

Those behaviors won’t change with a new political party in place because we are flawed human beings.  What will change is the balance of power.  Power will shift from an omnipotent chief system to a Chahta people centered organization.  What we have now is not representative of the Chahta people.  In the absence of balance our people are ridiculed, oppressed, degraded and insulted within their own land.

A non-Chahta Director who was recently fired made every attempt to hire Chahta’s when given the chance.  She requested programs customized to the Chahta employees in her charge because Chahta’s were perceived as being unfriendly on the job.  This Director knew that wasn’t so, she had an understanding of our quiet, introverted nature.  Her request was nixed by other non-Chahta’s who could have easily made the programs happen.  She is gone and in my humble opinion took the fall for her executive director who just happens to be good buddies with our leaders.

Sisters and Brothers our nature is peaceful and we are quiet and dignified in most things we do.  Do not think this task is too large.  We can get the aggressors out.  We can amend our constitution to balance the power.  We have the opportunity to give the power back to the people.  We have the right to demand our leadership be accountable to the Chahta people they are elected to serve.