There is a Chahta Ohoyo who works at the nation.  She is classy.  She dresses professionally and when I used to pass her in the hallway she always had a smile.  She was quiet and dignified, the quintessential Chahta Ohoyo.  Susan Stockton and Margaret Jackson have tried to fire her on more than one occasion.

Chahta Sisters and Brothers listen to this story.  Susan Stockton (Nahollo) brought her into her office and told her she was fired.  Our Chahta sister stood straight and tall and told her she wasn’t scared of her and to basically take a flying leap.  Now, I don’t know her exact words but I do know she told her the chief would have to fire her if he wanted her gone and she knew he wouldn’t do that.  He wouldn’t do that because she has been at the nation for many many years and has seen many many things.

Our strong Chahta Ohoyo went back to her office and remains there today.

In an ideal situation our women – our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, girlfriends, wives and sisters should never ever be treated with anything but dignity and respect in OUR own house.